How to Track China Post – Guide 2021


Ordering online has become a practice for almost everyone. Especially after we faced the Covid 19 pandemic, people started avoiding regular in-store shopping and switched to simple and safe online ordering. Shopping online certainly has its advantages such as saving time, protecting ourselves and everyone around us from possible infection with a dangerous disease by making fewer contacts and of course we have a unique opportunity to track your order online at any time.

From the moment you place the order to the arrival of the shipment to your home, this process consists of several actions that we will explain in more detail.


AliExpress is the most popular site that has thousands of customers who order products every day. You are probably already familiar with this website. It offers a wide range of products such as clothing, accessories, mobile accessories, beauty products, home furniture and everything you need can be found right here.

Let’s say you want to order a protective glass for your mobile phone, all you have to do is enter the term in the search box and you will see the products from all the stores on the website that offer this product. You choose the model you want to buy and place your order. The seller of the site processes the order you have made and contacts the local post office where your shipment should be sent to the location you specified.

The post office takes the package from the store and sticks a sticker with a code on the package, ie a unique serial number of the order. A copy of the sticker remains with the sender who sent you the package. He has to contact you and provide you with the tracking number that is affixed to the package itself. This sequence of letters and numbers will allow you to easily and simply track your shipment where exactly it is at the moment.


The next step you need to do is check if there is a package sent to your address. There are countless websites where you can get this information, but we recommend using 4px tracking. With just a few clicks you will get the information you need. All you have to do is enter the tracking number of the shipment that was forwarded to you by the sender. In the search box, enter the sequence of numbers and letters and press search.

As a result, you will get a chronological order of the parcel. From the moment it was picked up by the sender until the moment it was delivered to the contact address that you provided. This is a unique opportunity to track every order you make online. You are offered simple, fast, and easy tracking at any time and from anywhere.


Thanks to this fast and easy system that we use to track all online orders, there is no need to fear that our shipment was lost somewhere because we can monitor the parcel at any time so that we can track its every step. . An additional advantage is that we can easily know exactly when it would arrive at our address. I can tell you that this system works phenomenally because now I follow my shipment and at any moment I expect the courier to ring at my door.


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