5 Signs You Need a Web Design Consultant For Your Business

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Ever since the advent of the pandemic, most businesses have been forced to shift to online ventures with their products and services to stay relevant in the market. This shift has put an immense amount of pressure on the old websites that businesses only used for providing information. To keep up with the latest online demands, it is necessary that you create a website that can facilitate all of your web design needs.

Having a stable, reliable and intuitive website in today’s date has become immensely crucial and according to the top web design agency in Toronto, it is crucial that you update your website to the latest standards if you want to retain your relevancy and competitive edge in the market. To achieve this, you need a website that not only functions optimally but also looks lucrative enough to attract more clients toward your business.

The problem is, many business owners don’t know when their website’s design aspects need an update and drastic changes. If you don’t already have an in-house team for this, we strongly recommend that you hire a web design consultant. Since many people become unsure when it comes to hiring the services of these consultants, in this article we will be listing 5 signs that your business immediately needs a web design consultant to help you make an informed decision.

1. Your website’s design looks outdated

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One of the simplest ways many business websites get outdated and outgrown by their competition is by their design. In this modern world where designs are constantly getting revamped and improved, if your website still has the theme and style of a 2000s website, you can be assured that it will have an extremely adverse effect on your clients.

Your business’s website is like the frontside of your business’s virtual store. Visitors glance at your website and make instant judgements about it based on how sleek or outdated your website’s design looks. This is where web design consultants come in. These consultants have years of industry experience to identify websites that look outdated and overhaul them to match modern standards.

You can transform your website from a vintage model to a new and enhanced design that impresses your audience the moment they visit your website, thus increasing your chances of getting better sales and consequently, more revenue.

You can get professional services for scoping out a redesign project to have a better and updated look.

2. Your website is not loading as fast as it should

Multiple studies have shown that if a website does not load under 10 seconds for an average internet user, they will simply move on to other better perspectives. If the same happens with you, it could mean losing your audience and your competitor getting theirs increased substantially.

A high amount of bloatware such as an unnecessary amount of images, video, interactive media tools, etc. can cause your website to tremendously increase in size which only results in longer loading times for your users. Since most business owners lack the technical expertise of improving website load times, a web design consultant can be extremely beneficial in such scenarios.

A web design consultant can compress the size of your images and put your articles and content on separate web pages of their own. They will eliminate all the items on your website deemed unnecessary for your business needs which ensures that your website loads much faster than before and helps your clients properly visit your site much more easily.

3. Your website does not have mobile support

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In today’s world, smartphones are no longer the norm but rather a necessity. Most individuals use their smartphones and mobile phones to look up businesses and their websites. If you don’t have the proper compatibility support in your website’s code to facilitate these users, it can result in extremely serious issues.

To avoid these issues from occurring in the first place, hire a web design consultant that understands your website’s and business’s needs and enables mobile support for your website accordingly. This allows smartphone users the same access options as desktop users do with various size adjustments so as to adjust the layout of the website in the smaller screen of mobile phones.

4. Your website has poor SEO

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Many people incorrectly think that a website’s SEO is generated and evaluated solely on the basis of the website’s content and the keywords present in it. Google disbanded the keyword-based SEO system years ago and now the engine considers several different factors when ranking websites on their search results.

Primarily of these factors is your website’s design and user interface and how easily it can be navigated through by a user. This indirectly means that even if you have the richest SEO content written everywhere on your website, there is still a long chance that your website will not rank high in search results if it doesn’t have an equally accessible and viable web design.

If you have noticed that your website has been ranking low in search results these past few days, we suggest hiring a web design consultant to look into the matter for you. They will resolve all your design issues and make it so that your website becomes extremely easy to navigate for your users, thus leading your website to rank much higher in search result rankings than before.

5. Your website’s content has factual mistakes and is outdated

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As we discussed earlier, many businesses around the world didn’t even have a considerable need for online websites just 2-3 years before and they only served as a source of information for the products and services provided by the business.

Thus, there is a big chance that your website still has outdated information about your business that needs to be immediately updated so as to not confuse your visitors. In such cases, hiring a web design consultant is one of the most sound decisions you can make as a business owner.

They will revamp your website with updated information, add in new products and services that you have started selling and remove old products and services that you don’t provide anymore.


There are several signs that your business needs a web design consultant for your business and we hope this article was helpful for you in finding them. If it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.