How to Make Your Digital Classroom More Interactive

Digital Classroom

The learning process has changed because of the situation that we are in right now, however, that doesn’t have to mean that it is bad, we only have to adapt to it. To teach things online there are some difficulties that have to be overcome so you can still get the attention from the people who should be listening to your class, so you will have to find new techniques to do that.

Distant learning can be difficult so you will need to involve everyone, and stand out from the boring ways where you only talk and you hope that they listen to you, because most of them won’t since they don’t have that much concentration to listen to something for that much time if you are not doing something that will get their attention like using your voice to make things interesting and not monotone, or implement other techniques to it.

In this article, we are going to talk about certain things that you can do to involve the people you are teaching to become more interactive and to keep the classroom more interesting.

Be friendly with them


One of the reasons that people are not engaging in an interaction with their class is because they might be afraid to do that because of the way the teacher has introduced themselves. That is why you should not try to set up dominance and authority, but you should be a friend to them so they are not afraid to speak or ask certain things thinking that you will shame them for that. You should set up a nice atmosphere where they can be comfortable and they can learn easily having a digital interactive classroom.

Tell them to prepare for the next day


This is an interesting way to approach this problem to make the next day more efficient.

You decide what will be your next class about, and you tell them to prepare for that when they are at home. This is basically a reversed or a flipped classroom because instead of first-time hearing things from you, they do that at home.

You can divide them into groups, or you can tell everyone to prepare for it and make research about that. This will help them to be ready when you talk about that the next day, not being afraid to ask because they will surely have something that they don’t understand.

Also, they will learn better this way because you will be explaining something that they have learned at home, making things more efficient.

Find a way to explain the things better


A lot of teachers struggle to get the attention of the students. However, using the latest technologies available might be something to consider. You can always get document cameras for teachers to help you out. A document camera or a digital visual presenter or visualizer is one of the latest ways to add interactive and exciting visual technology to your presentation.


You can use it to show 3D objects, or selected book pages as well as different kinds of artwork. Document cameras are not limited to schools only and they can also be used during conferences, business presentations, and even courtrooms.

Make sure to involve everyone


This is important and you should definitely do this at this period because you don’t know the situation of the students and their knowledge-getting process should not stop. For example, if a student is not able to come physically to class, they should be involved in it where they come online and listen to it that way. This method involves people being present and online at the same time making a hybrid classroom.