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Take a Step Forward Hidden Information & NetWorth

Find out all there is to know about the Take a Step Forward firm.

What does it mean to “jump forward”?

“Jump Forward” is a business that recruits high school players that have been overlooked by their coaches.

Jump Forward is a platform that allows young gifted athletes to submit their sport-related profiles to Jump Forward’s official websites. As a result, Jump Forward’s net worth is considerable.

Who is the company’s CEO?

Jump Forward’s CEO is Adam McCombs, who has a long experience in the area of information and technology.

Brian Duggan is a banker and a Jump Forwards stakeholder. He is providing his skills in the area of economic solutions and services for the business.

What Is the Process of Jumping Forward?

This is a chance for high school athletes who have been overlooked to put their skills to good use via the recruiting process. They may submit films, photos, papers, and other materials relevant to their sport, as well as your skill.

Not to be missed:

High school coaches often search the Jump Forward Official Website for a good high school player to recruit. It’s a fantastic and unique platform for high school students.

What is the location of Jump Forward?

Jump Forward, as we all know, is a solution for high school players who are being recruited by school coaches.

And where are the places that are visited to find fresh blood outstanding athletes for appropriate sports? Jump Forward’s headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America 60607.

What is the annual revenue of Jumps Forward?

Jump Forward’s online community, according to the company’s official spokesperson, is generating sufficient income. There are about 35 employees working for it, but Jump’s goal is to attract additional investment for its 50 percent shares. Jump Forward’s calculated annual revenue is 4.8 million dollars, and it is expected to continue to rise in 2024.

Social Media Websites’ Social Trends in the Future

Twitter is worth following.

According to Twitter statistics (Add Jump Forward’s Twitter link), the number of followers on Jump Forward’s Twitter account was 1256 in August 2014.

However, in the past five years, the number of followers has grown by 49%, reaching 1795+ in 2024.

Like us on Facebook.

The number of followers on Jump Forward’s Facebook account was 975 in September 2014, according to Facebook Community statistics and government sources.

Due to privacy concerns, the number of followers on Jump Forward’s Facebook page was deleted in December 2019 after five years. However, prior to this, its projected number of followers was 1008.

Take a Step Forward Competitors & Net Worth

There are presently ten main competitors in the market that are competing and giving it a hard time. Jump Forward’s well-known rivals include Rush to the front, Arms Software, Fieldlevel, Six0run, Brain-Train, Scout-force, Corgibytes, Tudor Strategies for Colleges, Contact-coaches, and “Captain-U.”

Competitors Co-Founder & CEO Annual Income
Jump Forward McCombs 4.8 million dollars (USD)
Arms Mike Hurt 6.5 million dollars (USD)
Front Rush Downs, Brad Dollars ten million
At the Field Level Sullivan, Brenton 4.8 million dollars (USD)
Scouting Organization ……… 3.4 MILLION DOLLARS IN US DOLLARS
Exercise Your Mind ……… 19.2 million dollars (USD)
Bytes from the Corgi ……… 3.4 MILLION DOLLARS IN US DOLLARS
Captain U Avi Stopper is a character in the film Avi Stopper 12,000,000 US DOLLARS
Tudor Collegiate Strategies ……… Dollars ten million

What Does Jump Forward Have to Offer?

Jump Forward is a product of the Information & Technology industry. Athletes and coaches may choose from two kinds of services provided by Jump Forward.

It offers program and software solutions to the sports industry, particularly to high school athletic departments. Compliance Tool Box, System Integration, Training Services, and Software Development are some of the goods and services available.

Facts about Jump Forward in a Nutshell

  • In the industry, “Jump Forward” offers technology services.
  • The industry is linked to IT and services.
  • It was founded on January 18, 2008.
  • The official Twitter account page may be found here (click here)
  • The official Facebook account page may be found here (click here)

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