What Is the Fastest Leveling Method for World of Warcraft?

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One of the changes related to the most recent update, Shadowlands, is the new leveling system. In the previous patch, you could reach a level 120, while that is not limited to 60.

However, the system is improved in a way that reaching level 50 is now much easier. When it comes to leveling, it is important to focus on reaching level 60 since that will provide you with more powerful items, and your character will be stronger as well.

Previous experience is very important as well. For example, new players will have to start with a level 1 hero, and the first quests will be in the previous expansion. On the other side, those with previously owned max level classes will start from level 10.

Your previous experience is very important when it comes to the selection of methods that you will use to level up faster. Also, you can always use the help of boosts. For instance, if you want to spend more time in raids, buy WoW raids boost.

Focus on Getting Bonus XP

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The unique thing about Shadowlands is that it is now possible to reach level 50 only by playing one campaign. Those with proper skills and experience could reach it in around six hours. However, if you learn some techniques, you could shorten that time to only four hours. The best approach is to focus on leveling from the starting point. You should combine different methods.

The function of heirlooms is now different, and it won’t grant you bonus experience anymore. On the other side, the new function is even more beneficial since you will get over 30% more while resting. Still, keep in mind that you will gain XP this way only if you keep your hero in the city while not playing.

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Moreover, the potion will provide you with 10% on your leveling, while activating the War mode grants you with additional 10 to 30%. You can also get a buff from Darkmoon Faire, which is an additional 10%. Besides that, items like mounts, bag space, and glider provide you with improved abilities, which leads to faster leveling as well.

The average time to reach level 10 is around 30 minutes, depending on your previous record, which means that it can be longer if you have to start from the Azeroth. Relying on Chromie until level 50 is the best option since that will guide you through all missions, and you won’t waste any time along the way. There are some differences in expansions as well, and the one where you level in the shortest time is Warlords of Draenor.

When it comes to levels over 50, the situation is now more challenging. You will need more time to reach the rank 60 from 50th then it was needed to reach that point. The best solution to finish leveling is by completing quests. A good team is also recommended, so you can go on raids and get the right assistance.