What Is the Easiest Wow Shadowlands Dungeon?

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At times fans spend too much time looking to get the keys done, as far as lushing them is concerned in Mythic plus. We have made the task easy for our fans. We are listing a few easy dungeons that they can watch out for, if they want to push the keys, either with your friends or while playing solo.

You should note that the difficulty level of the dungeon scales up wildly with the combination of distinct affixes and also after you reach a different affix level threshold while playing. Keeping certain factors in mind, we list a few picks of the easiest dungeon that you should look for.

Halls of Atonement:

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This particular choice has become a famous pick for players who are after pushup keys to make the most of it. This particular dungeon is front-loaded and is also slightly different from the other available options. Till the time you think of approaching your next boss, we assure that you will find yourself at a MoB progression of over 85/90%.

The objective is also just 80%, when you approach the second boss. That said, even if you reach the 80% mark, you will be just fine. Additionally, this dungeon is very simple.

Mists of Tir Na Scythe (MoTs):

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This particular dungeon has easily become one of the most popular dungeons in no time. It enables the players to publish keys while playing Shadowlands. However, one of the major issues that people usually face is because of its static layout. That said, such layouts do not have much variation when a player moves from attempt to attempt.

Also, this dungeon doesn’t make the player experience any scary moments at all. This pick is loaded at the front and therefore doesn’t have consistent roadblocks that makes it hard for certain dungeons. It gives a WoW mythic+boost for the players.

Spires of Ascension:

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The SoA may have some tricky combinations of the affixes, but a point that you should note is that you can easily handle the SoA with interrupts and CC. That said, if you just choose to run into the mob packs gun-ho, then you may face a few problems in between.

When you employ a careful approach in your game and organize the pull of trash packs, you will be just fine.

You need to be wary of the trash pack that appears before the final boss, the Devos.

However, you should not pull the three angles together. During your journey of key hunting, you should look out for SoA to make the most of your games.

De Other Side:

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DOS was once considered as the hardest dungeon that had some tricky add pulls and also some other real tricky and hard bosses that the players used to fear. The dungeon is however, non-linear now, which means that it is critical to know your plan beforehand.


The dungeons on Shadowland can be easy or hard depending on their nature and the purpose. However, the easy dungeons make it convenient for the players to compete.