What Are Personality Quizzes, and Why Do People Like Taking Them?

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A personality test is a set of techniques and methods designed to measure characteristic patterns and features of people. In other word, personality quizzes are tools that are used to access human personality. Using these methods will allow us to know ourselves better and work on our specific behavioral features. Although personality quizzes are not entirely scientific, they result from years of research and data gathering. Therefore they may show useful outcomes to help humanity find out more about their traits and features. If you are interested in taking this kind of quizzes, look at Quizexpo.com to find many quizzes in different styles.

Why do we take these quizzes

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Personality tests are essential for them to show us our strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, these quizzes enable professionals to define the best ways to help our talents and individual qualities grow. Taking a personality test is a way to clarification of clinical diagnoses and improvement of therapeutic interventions. Moreover, taking these tests will enable us to find out how people would react in different situations.

What is personality

To know how personality quizzes work, we should first get to know what personality is. Character can be defined as specific patterns of thinking, excitement, and behavior that shape a people’s temperament style in interaction with their social and material environment. In other words, personality includes relatively stable and enduring characteristics that are described in terms of traits such as quick-tempered, anxious, talkative, introverted, extroverted, and so on.

Different types of character tests

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Due to the purposes for which they are conducted, personality quizzes are divided into many categories. You can find all sorts of personality tests all over the internet, and it can be dazzling. Which test should we take? How do we know if a test is reliable? Which test works better for us? In this article, we will give you some examples of the most practical and famous personality tests and their purposes.

A personality test can serve many purposes

Personality quizzes are conducted for many different reasons, most of which have clinical purposes. As already said, doctors and psychologists use these quizzes to determine the patients’ mental state and predict how they would respond in different situations. Among these reasons, we can point to:

· Evaluating theories
· Determining the effects of therapy
· Detecting psychological problems
· Finding character shift
· Screening job candidates

How to choose the quiz that serves us best

We usually tend to think that we know ourselves better than we actually do. A simple and free way to learn about our personality and get closer to self-recognition is to take personality quizzes.

In order to get the best result, we must determine our goal for taking the quiz and choose the personality test that suits our goal. You don’t want to spend your time taking the test that makes you even more confused. Fortunately, the internet provides us with all sorts of quizzes we can take. You can easily find them on the internet, and their goals are briefly explained in the following.

MBTI or Myers-Briggs quiz

MBTI test is designed by Katherine Myers and Isabel Briggs based on Carl Jung’s theories. This test was designed to measure personality types. MBTI is one of the most reliable and practical quizzes around the world and serves business purposes.

Myers and Briggs defined 4 aspects and 16 personality types based on the results obtained by Jung’s research and conducting some research in personality recognition. If you are looking for a perfect job, this is the test you should take.

Bar-on Emotional Quotient Inventory

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Also known as the EQ test. It is used to measure emotional and communicational intelligence. This test measures a kind of intelligence in individuals that is extremely important for having a successful job and life. What is measured in this test is a set of talents and skills which affect the person’s abilities to succeed through environmental pressures.

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence

In Gardner’s multiple intelligence, different types of intelligence are measured. This test divides a person’s mental skills into eight categories and reports how powerful and practical each is.

NEO PI-R or Big 5

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NEO test is known as the big five and determines five significant factors of a character. It is one of the most reliable quizzes around the world. Big five gives us many pieces of information about people’s personalities. It enables us to measure some psychological items such as depression, competence, and order in individuals. Since depression measurement is one of the most essential sub-factors of NEO, it is also known as the depression test.

Brand Archetypes test

Unconsciously, brands transfer messages to the audience. This unconsciousness is called the archetype. An archetype is what convinces you to buy a product. In the branding world, the brand archetype has the power to predict the identity, voice, and personality of the brand and therefore plays an important role in designing the brand strategy. Archetype brand determines how a brand should affect its audience. It is also vital for developing a more meaningful relationship between the brand and the audience.

Last word

Personality quizzes can be useful in many ways. They can help you know yourself better and find out about your strengths and weaknesses. Although taking these tests may feel hard, they can help you improve your character by showing you who you really are and what specific traits you have that you have never been aware of them. Don’t forget that the aim of taking these tests is for you to know yourself better, so try to be as honest as possible and try not to beat the test. Also, when taking a test, do not forget to read the instructions first.