3 Tips on How to Train Your Cat to Go to Her Spot

source: unsplash.com

Cats are very special animals, we are all aware of that. You can’t make them do something they do not feel like doing at the moment. And it seems like they always find a way to outwit people. This is simply something we have to accept, but it is also one of the main reasons why we love them.

However, this absolutely does not mean that cats cannot be trained. If you are persistent and skilled enough, you can teach them so many different things. For example, you can teach your cat how to go to her spot every single time. If you are interested in learning how to achieve this, keep reading.

1. Find a perfect spot

source: unsplash.com

The first step in this process is definitely to make the place you have intended for your cat very tempting. If you fail to interest your pet at a particular spot in your home, you cannot expect to achieve the desired result.

The easiest way to encourage transition is to choose a place that is close to where the cat normally likes to rest and enjoy during the day. Place her new bed or blanket right next to it, to make her interested and practically challenge her to explore this new resting spot. In case your cat does not have one favorite place, try with different parts of your home.

Usually, the window board or some other lofty spot in the living room is a favorite place for cats to rest. Use that information and put their beds in those places until you find the one that works.

Once you find THE spot you will be able to carry the bed or blanket and the cat will follow it every time. Finally!

2. Make sure that the cat bed is soft and comfortable enough

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No cat will want to lie in a place that is not comfortable enough. These animals are naturally huge hedonists and need to have their time and place to enjoy themselves. If this is not the case, it will be difficult to entice them to settle where you imagined.

If you want to learn more about the best cat bed and find the perfect one for your pet, look now and learn about the options that exist in the market.

3. Encourage their new behavior

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Another important step in this whole process is to encourage your cat’s new behavior. Use the reward system to make her want to do the same thing each time. Every time she lies in her new bed, reward your cat with a toy or her favorite treat. Make sure she doesn’t receive the same type of reward in any other activity.

In no time your cat will be aware of what awaits her when she lies down in a certain place and will want to do so in order to receive her little treat. And before you know it, she’s doing what you wanted. Bingo!


If you want to train your cat to go to her spot you can easily do it by applying the right steps. Make that place in your home very tempting for her, ensure that her new bed is comfortable and soft, and treat her with her favorite cat candy every time she does what you envisioned. And you can expect the desired result very quickly.