4 Thoughtful & Sentimental Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

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Sometimes we think that gifts needs to be expensive for the other person to accept it and use it. However, that’s not what gifts are about. Buying a present for someone shows your devotion and care and that is why they should appreciate it no matter what it is.

If you are buying a gift for your sister/mother, girlfriend or a colleague and you know that they are well-off and they have everything they need, you can still be creative and surprise her with a warm present. We’ve composed a list of gifts that you can buy for such a person, so here it goes:

1. A scratch-off world map

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People who have a lot or earn a lot of money usually have all the clothes they want so buying anything from that category might not be the best idea. It is highly likely that they travel a lot or they want to use their free time to travel. Therefore, getting them a scratch-off world map might be the perfect present.

It isn’t expensive and yet, she will use it for years to come, marking all the countries she has visited. This is a nice addition to the collection and she will probably love it. And each time, she travels, she will think of you.

2. Moon Lamp

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In case you know that the person reads a lot, perhaps, instead of buying them another book, you can get them this moon night lamp that is perfect for the bedroom. It can be turned on when reading before going to bed. Plus it looks great.

If you want to find out more about this lamp, visit this site. It is definitely one of the most thoughtful and sentimental gifts you can get for a woman that has everything. They’ve also listed some other ideas so check them out.

3. A book of Memories

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If you regularly hang out with that person, perhaps, you can use some of your old photos and create something like a diary. You can document your journey together or mark the most significant moment of your friendship.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to let someone feel special or loved. With a simple book of you two together, you can bring tears of joy to their eyes.

4. Take her out

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Perhaps one of the gifts doesn’t have to be a traditional gift. You can take her out to a dinner, or a concert that takes place in your town. This is a nice way for you two to spend some time together, and she will love it.


As you can see, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good gift for someone who already has everything they can wish for. Showing them that you are here for them with sentimental presents or something that will create memories is enough!

We are sure that they will appreciate that you’ve spend some time planning and designing the gift. If the person who you want to gift is your mother, then mother daughter ring is definitely present you should consider to buy.

What are some other gift ideas for people who have everything?