5 Warning Signs Your Pillow Is Damaging Your Spine

Source: keckmedicine.org

It may seem like you are very comfortable while sleeping, but if you wake up with a pain in the head, back, or neck, probably you are doing something wrong. Some people want soft beds, others enjoy thick mattresses, but choosing your pillow according to your needs sometimes can be a big challenge.

Here are some of the warning signs that you may have a wrong pillow, and it’s damaging your spine:

1. You wake up in pains

Source: sleepfoundation.org

You need to wake up well-rested and fresh, energized, and ready for the day that comes. Unfortunately, some people wake up with pain in their neck, and they consider it normal, without even thinking that the pillow is wrongly chosen. If you feel like that, probably your neck and spine don’t take the right posture, and at some point, you won’t be handle to take it anymore, and you will need to invest in something new, like pillows to improve spinal alignment, so you can wake up in the morning without any pain.

2. You often suffer from migraines

We all know that there is no exact reason that causes migraines, but they are very boring, painful, and can make the person feel like they can’t do anything that day. If you have migraines or any other type of headache, and you can’t explain why then the answer is probably your pillow.

3. Your back always hurts

Source: sleepfoundation.org

It’s not just the neck that suffers because of the wrong pillows. Even lower back pains can be explained by that. If you see that these pains occur after you change the current pillow, probably you didn’t make the right choice. Keep in mind that even the most comfortable bed combined with the average or bad pillow can be a reason why your back hurts so much every day of your life.

4. You feel bad and dizzy through the whole day

As we already said, a lot of things can be explained with simple words. A lot of your smaller health issues that stop you from working normally every day are a result of your sleeping habits. Probably it’s time to visit a specialized store for pillows, tell them your problem, so they can help you get a better product for you.

5. You are always tired

Source: news18.com

The bad body posture while sleeping can be the reason why you feel tired when you wake up. A bad pillow can stop the airflow in the head, and won’t let the oxygen get in your body properly. That’s one of the main reasons why are you more tired than you were last night when you went to bed.

As you can see, the bad choice of pillow can be a reason why you live in pain. Your spine suffers a lot because of the poor choice of sleeping gear. Don’t let yourself suffer, and start changing the things in the bedroom today. You will be surprised how things can change and you will feel better as the nights go by.