5 Tips for Improving Your Keyboard Typing Speed and Accuracy

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We live in an era of technological advancements and innovations, which is one of the main reasons why almost all careers out there require people to work on computers. When it comes to office jobs, the most important thing is for employees to learn how to type fast and precisely. Although it may seem completely daunting, it isn’t, and here is a list of tips that could help you develop your writing speed and accuracy:

1. Firstly, Ensure That Your Keyboard Works

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Before we continue with our list, one of the first things that you must ensure is that your keyboard functions properly. Now, to do this, you could use some online platforms that’ll allow you to test your keyboard and check whether or not there are some faulty keys that could be hindering you from working properly. Luckily, there is a wide range of such platforms online and you could choose to test keyboard here.

2. Your Starting Placement Needs to Be Correct

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Once you’ve checked all the buttons, the following step is to learn the right starting position. This suggests that you have to put your hands properly before you start. Hence, your left hand needs to be placed over the A/S/D/F buttons, while your right ones has to be over the J/K/L buttons. Keep in mind, both of your thumbs need to be placed over the space bar, and remember, always return your fingers to this particular position. This will assist you to learn the positions of the buttons, which could assist you with the next tip.

3. You Shouldn’t Look at The Buttons


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Now, this is something that a lot of people struggle with, however, it’s quite essential if you wish to develop your typing skills. So, instead of you concentrating on your fingers, concentrate on the screen instead. How will this help? Well, by doing so, you could catch all your mistakes early on, meaning that you could correct them immediately instead of losing time later on correcting all the typos you made. Additionally, this will assist you with memorizing the placement of all buttons.

4. You Have to Sit Properly

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If there is one thing that you must take away from this article, it’s the fact that you have to sit properly. How will this help you? Well, by sitting in a proper way, you’ll be capable of typing quicker. Hence, if you usually sit hunched back on your chair or if you sit on your armchair and type, you should stop doing this, and start sitting in a straight position in a chair. Besides benefiting your typing, it’ll help you keep your back healthy.

5. Practice!

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Lastly, you’ll have to practice. When I first started writing articles, I was really slow at typing, but with a little practice, I managed to start typing faster and more accurately. Keep in mind, nothing will happen overnight and like all your other skills, you’ll have to practice before you can get better.


If you choose to follow some or most of the tips we mentioned in our list above, you’ll be capable of developing your typing accuracy and speed. Keep in mind, before you can develop your skills, you’ll have to train a lot, hence, be patient! Now that you know what you could do, don’t lose time, instead, start practicing right away!