6 Useful Electric Skateboard Battery Tips & Tricks

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Electric skateboards are all the rage today. Buying an electric skateboard is an experience of its own. One of the most important aspects of getting an electric skateboard is to be mindful of the battery.

Before you step out of the house to test your new skateboard, you will need to make sure it is fully charged. An electric skateboard’s battery, much like any other battery in an electronic gadget, is prone to damage and needs to be handled carefully to prolong its life.

Following are some tips and tricks that will help you maintain the battery that comes installed with your new electric skateboard. If you follow these tips, the battery of your electric skateboard will stay in good condition for a more extended period of time.

1. Pay Attention to the Type of Charger

Your electric skateboard will come with a specific type of battery that is compatible with a particular type of charger. Always remember to charge the battery of your skateboard with your own charger. If you are in absolute need to switch to another charger, you will first have to check the voltage of the charger. After that, use the internet to compare it to what your skateboard’s battery can tolerate.

The charger with a wrong voltage can permanently damage or, in some cases, can blast the skateboard’s battery. The switching of chargers can be tolerated once or twice but refrain from making it a regular occurrence.

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2. Know the Side Effects of Temperature

The heating of the battery in any electronic gadget while its charging is a common place occurrence. However, extreme changes in temperatures can be harmful to the battery of your skateboard. Avoid charging the battery anywhere that is too hot or too cold. Room temperature, which is somewhere between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius (68°-77° Fahrenheit), is the ideal temperature for both the storage and the charging of the skateboard.

If you think you can prevent overheating in your battery by charging and not storing it in a cold place, that can cause freezing of the lithium-ion battery. Also, refrain from exposing the skateboard to extreme weather conditions once it is fully charged. This applies to both snowy days and summer days with heatwaves.

3. Water and Moisture is a No-No

While you were buying your electric skateboard, it might have been advertised that your skateboard will function well even if it comes in contact with moisture or water. But you need to understand that even if your electric skateboard is waterproof, there is a fair chance that you will still need to be mindful of the battery because water can cause serious damage. While that is good to know in case of accidental contact, you should not deliberately expose your electric skateboard to moisture, humidity, and/or water.

Electricity and water do not mix. It can cause harm to your battery and cause malfunctions, and can also endanger your safety. While cleaning your battery is not something you will have to do except in special circumstances, try using a dry medium for the cleaning. If absolutely necessary, use a slightly damp cloth or tissue and never water for your battery cleanup.

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4. Fully Recharge the First Few Times

Depending upon your schedule, it might be difficult to find time to fully recharge the skateboard battery before using it. For the first dozen times, however, try to make an exception and fully charge the battery before every use. The range of the skateboard tends to be different initially because the fuel gauge is still being calibrated by the controller. This is nothing to worry about, and you should continue using it as you mean.

The first few times, you will have to fully charge your battery before use and fully discharge it by using it. This will help the controller with the calibration and you can experience the full potential of your new skateboard. Your battery will also reach its full potential sooner.

After the first few times, however, you should not stop fully charging the battery. If you can help it, always fully recharge the battery before each use. This will aid you in making the most of your skateboarding experience and will also be a blessing for your battery life. It does not matter if some partial charge from a previous charging cycle is left; make it a point to top up the charge each time before using.

5. Keep it Charged

A situation might arise where you might not use the skateboard as frequently as you had planned to. This does not mean that you should stop charging the battery of your electric skateboard. Whenever you can help it, refrain from draining the battery completely. There can be excessive lithium discharge in a fully drained battery that can significantly reduce your battery life.

In case you are not able to use the skateboard for an extensive period of time, you should store it at room temperature in a dry place. The battery should remain charged, if not full. Consider 80% as the ideal level at which the battery should remain at all times. This will optimize your riding experience and will also maintain healthy battery life. Typically, if your electric skateboard is not in use, charging it once every twenty days is highly recommended.

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6. Mind the Connector

The battery of an electric skateboard is the lifeline, and taking care of the connector will ensure that the battery remains in pristine condition. While riding, ensure that the connector is not exposed to the weather.

Many conditions like moisture and sand can come in contact with the connector and impact the battery. Do not remove the connector, but do not expose it either. The battery connector should also be continuously checked for moisture damage like corrosion or any other kind of damage. In case any damage is found, go to a professional or a manufacturer like meepoboard.com rather than fixing it yourself.

The Takeaway

The most common type of battery that is found in electronic gadgets and electric skateboards today is the lithium-ion battery. These batteries are used for their compactness, safety, and ability to be recharged. They cannot be used indefinitely, but they have a long life, especially if they are well maintained over time. Certain unsaid rules apply when it comes to maintaining battery life. These are applied to your electric skateboards too.