7 Marketing Tips For Designing Your Exhibition Stand

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If you do not realize the necessity and the importance of marketing, then you should ask yourself why the world’s most successful enterprises’ yearly marketing budgets steadily grow with each passing year, regardless of the revenue they generate. Upon realizing that, you should assert which tools are the most appropriate to deliver the message you want and lure as many clients as possible. All of the aforementioned brings us to today’s topic and the potential an exhibition stand might have if used appropriately. Thus, read the lines below and find out about marketing tips for designing your exhibition stand and learn how to bring your business to another level easily.

Address the Clients

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We deeply believe no one knows the product or the service you offer better than you and your associates. When marketing is in question, the catch is to know what your potential clients want, otherwise, your venture might not be as profitable as you would like. Therefore, what you should aim to achieve is to address the clientele and interest them in what you offer. The point of having an exhibition stand is to draw the attention of potential customers, thus, once you determine what attracts an average customer, make sure you point it out and make them aware they can find what they want and need at your exhibition stand. You should achieve that by emphasizing particular details about what you sell by using different colors and images characteristic of your brand.

Original Copy

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No matter where you go, you will notice a pattern when promotional content is in question. At the same time, people will tell you that you need to keep the original idea about a product if you intend on making a name for your brand. The truth lies somewhere in between since no matter how good a product you might have, it still needs to get to a certain number of consumers for its quality to be recognized as sufficient to make them purchase it again. Until then, you need to make your trademark recognizable. An exhibition stand might be a good tool to achieve that, but you must know how to use it, thus, beside reaching out to your customers, make sure you emphasize whatever you think makes it better than the competition and display it in a visible place.


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What is truly amazing about exhibition stands is that nowadays you can use almost any material you can think of and subdue it to your wants and needs. Namely, different materials deliver different features, but also radiate different energy. You would not want to use a cold blue glass and metal outline to promote kitchen appliances, but using it as a showroom for bottled water or artistic glass items might be just what the doctor ordered. The decision about materialization falls to your wants and needs, so bear that in mind when the time for selecting the materials for your exhibition stand comes. At Plus Exhibition Stands you will find additional info on how to pick the right shape and size for your exhibition stand, but also what to expect from different designs and where to apply them.


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Even though most exhibition stands are designed to be practical, there is no reason for you not to customize any know variation until it fits your wants and needs completely. Not only that the shape of an exhibition stand should retain its functionality, but you should aim to customize it so it also delivers a message. Namely, extremely sharp and pointy features radiate more strict and direct energy, while circular and round shapes potentiate a calmer and friendly atmosphere. What your mission should be is to tailor the outline following the story behind a product you represent and figure out whether your exhibition stand needs to be edgier or it would be better to round things up a bit more until you get exactly what you aim for.

Say All You Want, Briefly

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Have you ever heard about people who enjoy reading about uninteresting details exposed publicly? Neither did we, since we focus our research on exhibition stands, not on brochures.

Jokes aside, but we advise you to carefully assert what you display at your stand when textual messages are in question. Yes, you want to explain to your clients in detail that your product is the best, but make sure you exploit the exhibition area for short but strike-hard phrases and punchlines that sum up the idea of what you offer, rather than using it for minutely describing irrelevant details one would only pay attention to if they had to.

Lighting Tricks

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Both the darkness and the illumination are features of light, so now that you are aware of it, we advise you to figure out how to make use of this fact when designing an exhibition stand is concerned. With appropriate lighting, you can either emphasize or play down certain features of a stand, depending on which message you want to deliver. You can also use mobile lighting solutions for even more effective delivery. Surely, that feature might cost you additionally, so make sure if it would be smart to invest more money in such a venture, or you would do equally good with minor but adequately positioned lighting adjustments.

Sound Support

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Adding some speakers to your setting can do wonders, but the success of the whole arrangement will still depend on various influencing factors. Firstly, you need to work on the material you want to play. (Almost) Everybody loves music and it is the music that attracts people, not solely because they are fond of it, but because it signifies that something is going on. Besides that, you can record some material you find appropriate and promote what you want on the go. Now, you cannot use some lousy speakers, because your clients need to hear what you want to say clearly and enjoy, rather than trying to find a safe spot from the noise you distribute. Thus, be prepared to invest some money if you want to enhance your exhibition stand with quality audio support, otherwise, do yourself a favor and spare both your and potential clients’ sense of hearing by keeping it mute.

Reading carefully through the rows above might falsely persuade you that additionally enhancing marketing features of an exhibition stand might be an expensive venture only a brave, but also financially situated man would undertake, but we assure you that the truth is utterly opposite, especially if you observe the project in the long run. The catch of making this type of investment a profitable one is to adjust it to your brand’s style and particular needs, thus, either choose individual pieces of advice we talked about or combine them for a better effect until you find the golden middle suitable for your committal.