Citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis: Nuances and Features


The Caribbean islands attract tourists from all over the world. However, why spend a lot of time and money on flights when you can apply for citizenship and constantly admire the nature of the state of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The process doesn’t have complex requirements. A minimum amount of time is required to process the application. Everything is very clear, no additional conditions need to be met. This is a significant benefit for everyone.

A rational solution would be to contact Imperial & Legal, whose specialists will be happy to deal with all bureaucratic issues. Cooperation with professionals makes it possible to get a passport absolutely without any problems.

Benefits of investing for citizenship


Obtaining a Caribbean passport is no longer unrealistic. If you want, you can apply for citizenship to start a new life in a safe, comfortable and promising country. The islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis are developing rapidly. Investments play a significant role in this. Therefore, a specially created program helps everyone to not only obtain a passport but also contributes to the rapid development of the country.

The following advantages of gaining the citizenship will be especially appreciated:

1. Sparing taxation system. Many major businesses register in the Caribbean largely because of this advantage. There is an opportunity to optimize tax payments as well as to use low rates to develop your business.

2. Minimum requirements for obtaining a passport. You might not like the largest sums that are intended for a one-time contribution to the state treasury. That’s right, you only need to make one donation or investment in real estate in order to gain the citizenship of the country as a sign of its gratitude.

3. Living conditions. Almost everyone dreams of living in a resort, and everyone, without exception, dreams of a promising place to live that allows you to earn money. Now the conditions for living on the islands are close to ideal, because the streets are safe, there are many options for development, work and improvement of your finances.

4. No double standards. Almost everyone can get a passport from this state. At the same time, there will not be any restrictions on the rights. The country has improved its position precisely thanks to investments, therefore it is loyal to all new residents who wish to become citizens.

You don’t need to give up your current citizenship. Taxes will have to be paid in the new state in accordance with all the established legal requirements. However, if you chose the islands for permanent residence, then there will be no problems.

You need to act according to the law already from the paperwork. If you contact us, the process will go quickly and without problems, and the probability of failure will be close to zero. There might be different situations and stories, so it’s better to contact the professionals. They will be happy to provide their competent advice and figure out how to solve various issues.

Important requirements


There are not many conditions put forward by the proven investment program. All of them are realistic and feasible and allow almost everyone to achieve their goal. The main requirements are as follows:

1. age of majority — 18+ (those who are 16 will need to go through checks and other procedures at the request of the government);
2. no convictions, debts on accounts, alimony payments;
3. minimum investment amount is set for each method separately: donation — $150,000, investments in real estate — $200,000;
4. registration should be handled by someone on whom all family members and relatives are financially dependent.

These are not the most stringent requirements, they are feasible for everyone. In the latter case, you will save time and will immediately start the registration process with a successful result.

Citizenship guidelines and tips


The process does not imply the fulfillment of complex requirements and tasks. It is only important to comply with the main rules, as it will help you get rid of problems in the future. It should be understood that according to the laws of this country, the papers must be submitted by a special agent. You don’t need to look for a trusted representative anywhere else, because only experienced specialists who know their business work in our company. You just need to contact them and use their services.

If we consider the procedure for gaining citizenship in a nutshell, it looks like this:

1. Draw up an agreement with our company for the provision of a full or partial package of services. Better to choose the first option. This will allow you to do what you want without being distracted by various bureaucratic issues. A full package of services involves filling out questionnaires and representing the client in the government when necessary. You only need to include a copy of your passport and proof of residence address, which will allow our specialists to operate with reliable information.

2. Prepare a complete package of documents. We will send you a list of everything you need to complete the procedures. After that, the faster the documents are collected, the better. Our specialists will be able to launch the process without delay and long wait.

3. Submit an application to government agencies. This is also the work of our experts who know and understand all the nuances and risks of the process at the highest level. When the application is submitted, the client receives a notification. If you want, you can contact us and find out preliminary results, although the decision will be known only after 3-4 months, if you chose a standard application. When it is urgent, the maximum processing time is only 2 months. If the application is approved, the government will immediately notify you about it.

4. After receiving a positive result, the client can make investments. Before that, you need to choose the most suitable option for it: returnable or charitable. Their conditions are different, therefore it is important to first study all the details on the special page of our website. Investments are made only once, regardless of the chosen method.

5. Get a passport and start moving. Right after you gain citizenship, you can start the procedure for obtaining residence permits on the islands for the rest of the family. The process is similar, but you will have to pay a little less.

These are the easiest requirements that are feasible for almost everyone who wants to become a citizen of a promising and safe country. The taxation system here attracts the attention of a huge number of entrepreneurs from around the world. Therefore, it is possible to create your own business with minimal risks and tax deductions. Also, you don’t have to pay for the donation agreement.

It is important to understand that all papers and information that you transmit to us or to government agencies is protected. They will not get to the third parties. The data is not used anywhere except for gaining citizenship. Recently, the country has upgraded to a new security level and it’s not only in cyberspace. Living conditions have also improved in this regard. There is practically no crime, as well as corruption. Therefore, there is no need to hope for a positive result without meeting the conditions.