B&B Spoilers and Recap Thursday, September 2: Quinn Confides In Shauna

This week on B&B Spoilers, Elvira is upset that Quinn’s latest social media post has gone viral, and she’s considering suing him for defamation. Meanwhile, Shauna is being used as bait to lure Quinn out of hiding.

In the past, B&B could be a show filled with drama, filled with secrets, filled with betrayals. This season, it’s a great show that has the drama and betrayals, but it’s a much more heartwarming and less dramatic show. This week, Quinn confides in Shauna, and the two begin going out on a date. That’s really it, because the rest of the episode focuses on B&B’s main characters, Ashley and Clint. In this episode, it feels as though the show is trying to build up the relationship between these two characters, as though they have been together for so long now, they need to have a couple of moments now and again.

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