Top 5 Steel Casting Foundries In The World


There are few more important materials on this Earth than steel. A lot of companies rely on it to manufacture their products and applications. Thus, the steel casting industry is one of the most important ones. But what are the biggest steel casting foundries in the world?
A foundry is a factory that turns iron into the material we all know. Foundries melt the iron and then turn it into the desired shape. So now that you know what a steel casting foundry is, let’s look at the 5 best ones.

1. ArcelorMittal


Operating in more than 60 countries, ArcelorMittal is one of the top steel casting foundries in the world. The company employs more than 230,000 workers and is the biggest player in the casting industry.

The power of this company is so overwhelming that it produces 10% of the world’s steel. Although the company operates on a global scale, it predominately operates in Europe and America.

2. Hebei Iron and Steel Group


This foundry operates from China and is a state-owned foundry that produces most of China’s steel. Thus, they hold a monopoly of steel production in the Hebei province.
With all that said, the Hebei Iron and Steel Group is no small player. The foundry produces more than 30 million tons annually, with most of the products being wires, plates, bars, and more.

Both ArcelorMittal and Hebei Iron and Steel Group are large foundries that employ hundreds of thousands of workers. Naturally, these foundries work on big projects worth millions of dollars. But if you need a smaller foundry for steel production, then we suggest you check out the highly promising DaWangCasting Company.

3. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation


This company came as a merger of two smaller ones – Nippon Steel and Sumimoto Metal. The merger happened in 2024, meaning that both companies joined forces to become Japan’s largest steel casting exporter.

As a matter of fact, the size of this merger increased the base of operations to 15 countries and employment of more than 81,000 people.

The many foundries of NSSMC predominantly focus on creating steel parts for the automotive industry, railway industry, marine industry, and more.

4. Wuhan Iron and Steel Group


Yet another industry leader from China, but this time from the city of Wuhan. Although Hubei Iron and Steel Group is the province’s largest manufacturer, this foundry is the oldest. The first time this foundry opened for businesses was back in 1958.
With a base of operations in the province’s capital, the Wuhan Iron and Steel Group manufactures silicone products, cold-rolled products, wires, and more.

5. Tata Steel Group


Tata Steel Group is India’s largest steel giant. Founded in 1866, Tata Steel Group is one of the oldest foundries in the world. With a base of operations in the Tata region of India, the industry giant employs more than 580,000 people. The size of this company is so big that it makes up more than 60% of the total income businesses make outside the country.
Tata Steel Group has foundries all across the world, making it one of the top players in the industry.