How to Use Statistics to Improve Your Poker Games – 2024 Guide


Is gambling one of the activities that you like? It is not surprising if “yes” is the answer to that question. Thanks to advanced technology, gambling games have never been more accessible. With a couple of clicks, you can create an account on a gambling site, deposit the amount of money that you can afford to spend, and enjoy the game from the comfort of your room.

However, it doesn’t actually matter whether you play poker online or offline. Your success depends directly on you. More precisely, it depends on your strategies and self-discipline.

Lack of experience is the main reason why people fail to reach their gambling losses. However, that is something you will manage to game over time. You will learn to recognize bluff and bluff yourself in a way that no one else will recognize.

Anyway, this doesn’t mean you should wait the time to pass and lose money in the meantime. Your duty is to find the best possible way to develop certain strategies and figure out gaps on your own. One of the methods that you can use to raises your chances of winning is the usage of statistics.

Numbers and stats are there to provide your insights into the leaks and tendencies of your opponents. Yet, if you want to use the statistics in the right way, then you have to know which poker stats are the most important ones.

Two Categories of Poker Stats


If you think that poker is just a game, then we suggest you do not start your journey yet. Poker is a strategy-based gambling game that requires in-depth analyses that will allow you to succeed. If your only goal is to hope luck will follow you while playing gambling games, then this game is certainly not for you. You should focus on luck-based games such as online slots and try to make your free time more entertaining that way.

For starters, people should know that there are two different categories of poker stats. These two categories are preflop and postflop statistics. Both of them are equally important which convinces us that you need to get an extra explanation. In the further part of the article, we will provide you with different types of each category. Let’s go!

1. Preflop Poker Stats

Okay, let’s start with the preflop poker stats as they are the first ones you will meet with. Each one is equally essential, so we recommend you read the text below carefully and try to understand how things function.

  • Raise First In


Raise First In or RFI stats (the acronym is more commonly used) is a specific type of stats. It suggests players avoid the “call” option as much as they can. Instead of that, according to these stats, they should either fold or raise whenever they have the opportunity for something like that.

An appropriate calculation is achieved pretty easily. All you have to do is to calculate the number of real opportunities to raise first in. However, you also need to be aware that something like this won’t happen in every game you play.

Speaking of official statistics, everything above 30% of hands is too aggressive. However, if the number of this sort of round is less than 20% then that confirms that you are not raising the wagers enough. Yet, if you are playing full-ring games (10 players), then raising is allowed to be less than 20%.

To conclude, RFI should be between 20 and 30 percentages, and we recommend you stick to this range.

  • Voluntarily Put Money In Pot


After more confusing stats, we will get back to the basic ones. Voluntarily Put Money in Pot is one of the basic preflop poker stats. People mostly name them VPIP, so don’t get surprised if you see this acronym somewhere.

Anyway, what exactly do these statistics cover? They cover all the bets that you make during a poker game. It doesn’t matter whether you will check, call, or raise the bet; all these actions increase your VPIP.

So, what is the correct VPIP? Believe it or not, the precise answer to that question does not exist. It directly depends on the style of playing that you decide. If you want to be the type of solid winning poker player, your VPIP should be no bigger than 30%. In other words, you should take action in every third or fourth game that you play.

However, just like in the previous case, this rule does not count always. More precisely, the statistics are different for full-ring tables. In case you play against more people, the Voluntarily Put Money in Pot rate should be between 15 and 22 percentages. Everything above that is risky.

2. Postflop Poker Statistics

After analyzing the two most important preflop poker stats, it is the right time to move to the post-flop ones. There are also two of them that we would like to talk about in this article. Let’s go!

  • Cbet Flop


We could probably talk 10 days about the Cbet flop as it is one of the huggest points in the poker industry. However, beginners would probably want to see a clear explanation. In short terms, this is the type of stats that shows how often a player doesn’t give up on aggressive moves.

This type of statistics can be used especially if you playing against people that do not have the necessary experience or they simply struggle with lack of money. They will most likely fold many times when you raise your bets. While doing that, you will easily realize their gambling strategy, how often are they willing to risk, and how often are they actually bluffing. All these pieces of information raise your chances of winning.

  • Cbet Turn


Similar to the previous post-flop strategy, this one shows how often players keep the aggression on the turn. Players use it when they already have certain insights into the potential cards that their opponent/s have. However, they will continue to bet even if they know that type is risky.

For those that do not know, the stats, in this case, are between 50 and 65 percentages. Yet, do not allow those numbers to trick you. This doesn’t mean you are always going to become a winner with this strategy. It is just a sample based on a big number of analyzed rounds.

Final Thought

We used only a couple of statistics as an example that you can use to improve your poker games. However, they are not the only ones. That is the reason why it would be good to check out other poker stats on the link that we attached later. It is always good to have different sources of information and improve your skills that way.