5 Tips on How to Properly Clean a Dog Sweater at Home – 2024 Guide

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Having a dog is one of the most beautiful things to have, both as a pet and as a companion. Not only that they are cute, but they help people with certain conditions as well. When you first get your dog, you buy everything he needs from toys to clothes to wear when the weather gets cold, so you know how pricey those things can be. If you are not taking care of those things, you will have to constantly buy them and spend more than you should.

That is why you should take care of your dog’s clothes as much as you care about yours because they are basically the same. Although your pet might not need them, unless there are weather conditions that are abnormal and your dog cannot live that way. You should be buying those clothes from special shops that sell only those things because our clothes might irritate their skin or cause other problems so you want to avoid them.

In this article, we will talk about how to properly clean your dog’s sweater at home, increase longevity, and have your pet comfortable in them again.

 1. Look at the tag

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For every information that you need about the product, you can read it on the papers that are attached on the inner side of it. You can see the temperature and the mode that you should be putting these clothes inside a washing machine. Most commonly, you should use cold water for that, because the hot water might change the quality so they may not fit your dog the next time you dress them.

2. Check for damages

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This is a really important step because every damage that had happened to that piece of clothing, will become bigger if you put it for washing. That is why you should look thoroughly, and if you find a hole, sew it. That way you will prevent it to become bigger, and with that, you will increase the period that you could dress your dog with it, without needing to buy a new one.

3. Turn it upside down

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Just as you wash your own, you should turn kuoser dog sweaters upside down as well. That way you will prevent the rubbing on the visible side, protecting the color and the threads as well.

4. Use a special soap

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Because of the fact that we are completely different, we need a special type of detergent to wash our clothes. If we use some of ours, they may become irritated, and because they will itch, they might infect those places leaving you in a problem that you could’ve avoided in the first place. That is why you should use a special type of soap for dog sweaters, that will both clean the clothes from the stains, and will not cause health problems to them. In case the stain is not coming off, rub in a different product before putting it in the washer, that should help.

5. Dry them using air

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Instead of using the dryer, you should just hang those dog sweaters and they will dry out naturally. The dryer might make the sweater shorter and tighter, and that will be uncomfortable for your dog.