5 Signs You Need To Clean Your Plumbing Pipes – 2024 Guide

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Clogging pipes in the house can sometimes be a very big problem. Sometimes we can recognize that there will be congestion, sometimes not. Here are some signs that you should clean your plumbing pipes.

Can We Recognize Signs That Our Plumbing Pipes Need Cleaning?

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Sanitary failures are the most common cause of flooding in the house. That can cause damage to the house that you have to repair later by spending a lot of money on it. You may have wondered how these breakdowns occurred without you noticing in time? This happens if we do not recognize the signs that our pipes in the house need cleaning and maintenance. And can we recognize that? Certainly! Pipe cleaning is necessary maintenance, and here’s how to recognize the 5 signs that your pipes need cleaning.

1. The water is draining too slow

If the water in your sink or bathtub drains slowly and if you see it going slower and slower every day – it means that the drain is probably partially clogged. Something has accumulated in the drainage system and blocked the flow of water – and doesn’t allow it to go normally. If you notice such a problem in time before the complete blockage occurs – you can solve this problem yourself. Simply clean your drain with a chemical and you will get a normal flow of water.

2. Unpleasant smells from the sink

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If an unpleasant odor is felt from the drain, the cause may be a clogged drain. It often happens that organic residues such as food and hair are found in the drain – and over time they begin to decompose. Even a small blockage can collect more and more debris that can become so large – that in the end it completely blocks the drain. When you feel the smell coming from the drain, that means you need to clean it immediately. This way you will prevent complete blockage.

3.Frequent congestions

Some drains in the house can have frequent congestion in a short period of time. This indicates that you might have a more serious problem with pipes. When you cannot remove the blockage with chemicals and vacuum rubber – frequent congestion indicates that a large amount of grease and waste has accumulated in the pipes. If this is the case, you better call a professional plumber. Find out more about Norwood Plumbing here, because professionals can find the source of the blockage easier. They also have the right tools to do unclogging and remove it.

4. Multiple blockages in the drain

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If you happen to have several blockages in the drains at once – it is likely that the main sewer pipe has become clogged. In such cases, large floods can occur. Respond immediately and call a plumber. Inform the plumber about the events and he will know whether to unclog the sewer with a cable – or whether mechanical unclogging of the sewer is required.

5. Sound and buzzing

Sounds echoing in your drain indicate that air bubbles are forming in your plumbing fixtures that form when clogging interferes with water flow. Not only can it cause strange buzzing and sounds coming from your drain pipes – but it can also cause bubbles to form through the drain. When this happens, call a plumber.

The Bottom Line

Finally, keep in mind some of these signs may indicate that your pipes really need cleaning. With regular maintenance and cleaning pipes, you will protect your home and prevent complicated and expensive repairs.