How Do You Know If You Have A Small Leak – 2024 Guide

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As we all know, clean water is important for our living not just for drinking, but for using it inside and outside of your home. We use water for keeping personal hygiene like showers, brushing teeth, washing your face, etc. Using the dishwasher and the washing machine requires water. Additionally, toilets also require water in the tank to flush everything down.

With all this water usage, a small leak might be inapparent but is important to find it and fix it for our long-term benefits. If there is a constant leak in your home, you are slowly but surely losing money.

To help you find out if you have a small leak in your home, we made this article with a list of things that you should do to check if you have it.

Do the water meter test

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When you want to find out if you leak into your home, the first thing you should do is this test. You will need to make sure that none of the machines that require water are working.

Close the water outlet and write down or take a photo of the numbers on the meter. Wait for some time, let’s say a couple of hours, and then check the numbers again. In case there is a change in those numbers, most definitely you have a leak, and depending on how much the numbers have changed, that big the leakage is.

Keep in mind that you need to do this test correctly. If you forget a machine that requires water usage, the numbers will change and you will panic and think that you have a leak.

Check if you have water under the sink

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If you did the previous test and you have determined that there is a leak somewhere, check under the sinks to see if there are drops of water or a smell of mold. In case you have, you will have to take action immediately.

You may consider dealing with this issue on your own, but that’s not always such a good idea. If you check out professional plumbers Dayton Ohio, you’ll see that it is always worth the money to get someone who is in the industry.

Add coloring solution to your tank

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To check if you have a toilet leak you will need to do this test because it is really easy to do, and will show you very fast if you have a problem with water leaking. You need to add a solution that has a color for example a cleaning solution. If you see color in your toilet, you have a leak. Keep in mind to use a cleaning solution that is not that strong so you don’t damage the rubber that is stopping the water to flow in case everything is alright.

See if your bill has risen from the past months

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Another indicator that you can use to see if you have a leakage problem is to compare the water bills from your past months and now and see if there is an increase. Keep in mind that you could’ve used more water and that one month is not enough to see if you have a problem like this. You might need more months so you can do a correct comparison.