5 Tips for Preventing Cat Litter Box Problems

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We wrote about this many times, but it is so true that we can’t go past the fact that our pets have become a huge part of our lives. There are so many of them that we call pets, but two of the most favourite are cats and dogs.

Each of these has their good and bad sides and each have something for what we love or hate them. The article today is all about cats and about their little problems that can be dealt with easily with a few pointers from us.

Cats are pets for families that like high energy animals that are also cute, cuddly, neat, and quiet. Cats, are some therapeutic animals and they have a certain personality that is hard to figure out, but once you do you have a friend and a life companion.

Although they look awesome, cuddly and small, cats can often be real trouble makers. From temper to house training problems, cats can often test the limits of your patience and if you buckle under you will eventually snap.

To avoid at least one of those problems, meaning the litter box problems, we have made a list of tips that you should try and implement to ease the life with your cat. Thanks to the kitty poo club review we have managed to make this list, and if we somehow missed a thing or two, give them a check and see what they have to say.

1. Keep the litter box clean

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This should be a no brainer, but to those of you who think that a cat is just another ordinary animal and that it can do its business in a dirty toilet then you are sadly very wrong.

Cats are very clean animals, and like us humans, they like the place where they do their business to be clean. A recent study we found online backs this up by telling that wast majority of cats prefer a clean litter box.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to become obsessed with your cats’ litter box and clean it 5 times a day, no. This means you have to clean it but no more than once a day, a daily clean is all it takes for your cat to be satisfied and stops doing its business around the house.

2. Don’t camouflage the litter box

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For all cats, the place where they do their business is important. They can smell themselves there so they know it is their territory and that it is safe.

What people mostly do is try to camouflage that place with all kinds of scent soakers, or with perfumes that are supposed to make that place smell a bit better.

Do not do this and if you are doing it stop immediately. Cats have a lot more sensitive smell than we and if you perfume anything they will feel it 10-20 times more than we and it is natural that all that smell drives them away.

If they can’t do their business in their place then they will do it somewhere else, so stop with the scent camouflage and stop with perfumes, you don’t need those, and your cats surely don’t.

3. No litter box liners

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If you don’t know what we are talking about, it is those liners that look like plastic garbage bags that go on the bottom of the litter box. These are bad because 90% of cats will claw deep in that litter to bury their pee and poop.

When they do that they will reach that liner and get their claws stuck on that liner and they will pull and fight it making a huge mess around the litter box but more importantly it will cause stress on your cat. Why stress? Well, it is something unexpected that is happening in a place where they feel comfortable and safe at.

There is no need for that thus there is no need for these liners, just get rid of them and clean the litter box daily.

4. No automated litter boxes

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Now we all saw these and we all thought „Wouldn’t it be fun if the litter box did all the job for us?” Well in your cats’ opinion that is one huge NO! Although it is a fine idea the problem with technology is that it fails easily and when it fails it will scare the life out of your cat which will then mean you are going to find a lot more pee and poop around the house than in the litter box.

We have seen and read about these types of boxes failing and turning on in the middle of cat pee which scared the living hell out of that cat. The noise produces while it self cleans is also something that will irritate your cat and it is another reason why you should reconsider getting one of these.

5. Avoid loud places

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The placement of the litter box plays a huge role in how your cat reacts to it. Just like the argument with the automated litter box and the sound it makes, your cat will also hate the traditional litter box if it is placed next to a water heater, next to a washing or drying machine.

Anything that can suddenly produce noize while they are doing their business might make them stop instantly and go do it elsewhere. They will then start to think about that place as „hostile” and avoid the litter box. Instead, you will find a lot of their excrement around the house.

So as a conclusion, this isn’t that hard to figure out. Just like us humans, cats also like their peace, quiet, tranquillity and safety when doing their business. If they are constantly interrupted, scared or scent-driven away then they will swap their litter box for your sofa, rug, bed, pillow or anything else they find interesting.

If you want to know just how they feel and what they like when it comes to pee and poop, just ask yourself what would you like, where would you like and that is it. Put yourself in their position and you will have all the answers.