6 Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Vacuum Cleaner – 2024 Guide

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A vacuum cleaner is an essential appliance, and it is one that we regularly use every few days, if not every day. There is nothing more frustrating than this device malfunctioning, and it usually happens when we need it the most. Well, your vacuum cleaner will break eventually, and you will have to buy a new one. However, good maintenance is the key to prolonging its lifespan, and we have some tips for you.

1. Empty the canister

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Removing the dust and debris from the canister or bag, depending on the model of your vacuum cleaner, is something you have to do regularly. The truth is that you should do this after every vacuuming session. However, most people aren’t in the habit of doing this, so they wait until the canister is completely full, and they notice the device is not as effective as it should be.

2. Clean the brushes

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Once you have cleaned the dust bag, it is time to inspect the brushes at the base of the vacuum cleaners. This is where you will find most of the hairs you clean from the carpet. Over time, hair and debris will accumulate, so the brushes may be clogged if your device still doesn’t work perfectly after cleaning the canister. Yes, you need to remove the hair by hand. In addition, after some time you also have to install new brushes, especially when you notice that they don’t touch the floor.

3. Don’t forget about the cord

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Even though this may not be a part of the vacuum cleaner you would include in regular maintenance, it is an essential one, obviously. If not careful, you can easily damage the cord by pulling it too roughly. If you notice any cracks, you should replace the cord as soon as possible since this damage can be hazardous. Also, you should wipe it down to remove the dust and prevent it from sticking.

4. Wipe the exterior

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Have you ever wiped down the outside of your device? Your answer is probably no. Well, you need to adopt this habit as soon as possible. Similar to any other surface in your home, the dust will accumulate on it. If you don’t clean it, you will just spread it around your home, and your vacuuming session may be in vain since you really won’t do anything. What’s more, over time, the dust can clog the attachments of the device, which will significantly reduce its effectiveness.

5. Listen to the noise

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Depending on the model of the device you have, the noise it produces may be insignificant. If this is the case, it will be easy for you to notice any changes. When these occur, you should immediately turn it off and start inspecting it. The noise suggests that a problem exists, and if you ignore it, the device will probably break.

6. Inspect the hose

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Finally, you need to inspect the hose of the vacuum cleaner occasionally. If it is clogged, you will notice the issue pretty soon since its suction power will deteriorate immediately. Because of this, you should look down at it and remove the debris, if there is any. This task shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes, and it can greatly prolong your device’s lifespan and effectiveness.