4 Things to Put in Your Cup of Tea to Make it Taste Better

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If you like drinking tea every day, you might have noticed that, at times, it tastes completely bland or way too fruity. If you found yourself in this situation, you could choose to add a few additives to it, all of which will make it more fun and tasty.

However, with so many additive options, you might be utterly confused. Luckily, the article below could help you, so, here’s a list of 4 things that you could put in your cup of tea to make it tastier:

Img source: pexels.com
  1. Best With Vanilla, Choco, or Pumpkin Tea: Cinnamon

Whether you like drinking tea in the morning or during cold winter nights, adding a little bit of cinnamon to it will certainly spice up the flavor. Besides making you feel completely festive, you could also eat some chocolate while consuming the tea, mostly because it’ll enhance the flavor of it too! The flakes will quickly dissolve when stirred for a few minutes, and it’ll hide the tea’s taste you opted for.

  1. Best With Hibiscus, Peach, Lavender Tea: Berries

Now, this might seem like a really weird additive for your tea, however, if you choose to add a blend of blueberries and raspberries into your beverage, it’ll reveal all the flavors of the drink and it’ll be quite healthy as well since you’ll consume fruits! This option is quite suitable for ice tea that’ll refresh you during the hot summer days, and luckily, you could also choose to buy a finished product such as the one offered by Bubble Tea & Co.

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  1. Best With Mint or Green Tea: Peppermint or Mint

Combining mint tea with a few leaves of fresh peppermint or mint will do wonders for your ice tea during summer. Additionally, if you wish to overcome the flavor of herbal teas, you should definitely opt for this option. Also, you should know, both of these additives have a powerful smell, hence, they’ll make your home or office smell amazing. Although it’s best with green tea, you could try it with some other options as well.

  1. Best With Pumpkin, Black, Green Tea: Coconut or Almond Milk

The very first thing that you should know is that both of these kinds of milk will make your beverage creamy, but they’re quite lighter than traditional milk. The zest that you’ll achieve from both of these options will provide you with a really amazing taste, and if you consume black tea, it’ll be easier for you to drink it. Keep in mind, these two options are perfect for stronger teas, so, ensure that you have some in your refrigerator.

Img source: pexels.com


Depending on your taste preferences, there is a wide range of things that you could add to your tea, all of which will enhance how it tastes. Now that you know what you could choose to add to your daily dose of tea, you might not want to waste your free time. Instead, you should determine which of the aforementioned additives you want to try and then prepare yourself a tasty and warm (or cold) cup of tea.