How to extend the life of Your lawn mower – 2024 Guide


If you happen to be a person who enjoys tidying your yard, you already know how important is to take care of your equipment, especially the lawn mower.

Not only because of the expenses that will definitely happen if you don’t maintain your tools but also the plants and the grass will not be cut down as well as before.

There will be dents, shorter and longer parts and it can also make damage to the plants themselves, leaving you with yellow spots.

Taking care of your mower, and other tools that are essential for keeping your yard in perfect shape is not hard at all. After every season, usually in winter tight before you should start with the mowing, you should see in what shape your equipment is.

That will have you ready for tidying your lawn in time, and without needing to rush things if it happens that you will need to fix something on your mower.

In this article, we will talk about what you should do to extend the life of your lawn mower so you can keep on doing what you like and have your space looking great.

Make sure that there is no grass stuck underneath


After you are done cutting down the grass, you should make sure that you leave your lawnmower clean. To do that, open the bottom part where the blades are located to check if there is grass stuck down there.

If you leave those weeds there, they will become dry over time and they can and will have an impact on your blades. Firstly they might dull them, and secondly, they might obstruct the motion of the blades.

Having your equipment clean is something that you should practice because it is easier to do it after you have finished than before starting out.

Keep your blades ready for your next time


After some time using it, you might notice that lawn mowers won’t work like they used to.

That is because the knives that are supposed to cut the grass are dull. They don’t become dull really quickly but you will have to check them often.

That is why, in winter, before you start to take care of your yard, you should sharpen them, or just buy new ones and install them.

Change the spark plugs often


If you happen to have trouble with turning your lawnmower on, then you might have a problem with the spark plug. Instead of fixing it, you should replace it completely because it is really easy and it doesn’t cost much to do that. You will notice the difference right away.

Change essential liquids

If your lawnmower is running on fuel, you will have to have enough for your session. Many people tend to buy and hold reserves of the fuel so they don’t have to go to a station especially for yard maintenance.

Also, you have to change the oil often because that lubricates the parts inside and that will surely extend the lifetime of your mower.

Make sure that the filters are new


This is another thing that you should replace often because if the filters become clogged, the machine will not work properly.

It is pretty cheap, and an easy job to do so there is no excuse since it increases the lifetime of your machine.

After following these steps, you are on the right way to keeping your mower longer and avoid additional expenses.