Covid-19 In Australia And Why It’s Driving The Sex Doll Trade – 2024 Guide

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Most people can’t say they’ve done well for themselves, business-wise, during the pandemic, but adult toy and doll stores in Australia definitely can. Several industries have surged during the pandemic, and the sex industry is one of them. The business is so good that most of the time, people can’t even order a doll because the manufacturers can’t make enough of them to meet the growing demands. Why? Well, let’s talk about it.

Loneliness Is A Powerful Fuel

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Naturally, the main reason behind the booming sales is the pandemic. People are always inside; they’re lonely and bored, and when you’re lonely and bored – you cheer yourself up by having sex. Now, when you live alone, and there is no one but your hands to have sex with – that gets kind of repetitive and boring, as well.

So, the next logical step is to go online and find yourself an artificial sex partner. Sex dolls in Australia have become increasingly popular over the last year. After all, this is a lot better than diving deep into the world of pornography. No matter how harmless it might seem, diving into the world of porn when you’re always alone and without any human interaction can really mess you up.

Fortunately, instead of that, people of Australia have decided that it is much better to spend some money on a doll rather than a website subscription. So, despite being quite expensive, dolls are flying off the shelves faster than anyone had ever expected them to.

Under The Radar

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Another factor that’s in play here is the fact that the sex stores and shops weren’t as affected by pandemic rules and regulations as some of the other businesses. Most adult shops in Australia have stayed open during the pandemic, which has also contributed to the surge in the sex doll trade. Granted, most of the doll shopping is done online, mostly because of privacy, convenience, and, well, a global health crisis.

Safest Form Of Sex

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As far as safe sex goes, doin’ the dirty with a sex doll is as safe as regular masturbation. Now, you might wonder – how does this have anything to do with Covid-19 and surge in sales? Well, it is quite simple really – people are now more concerned about their health.

Sure, casual sex is fun, and we all love it, but what we don’t love is visiting the doctor’s office after a few months because “something’s itchy down there”. Nowadays, we want to stay away from doctors, hospitals and pretty much anything regarding medicine, so that is another reason why people have decided that it is much better to get your freak on with a synthetic doll rather than risk getting an STD from a random hook up.


All in all, a pandemic did wonders for the sex industry in the past year and a half, especially in the land down under. The sex doll trade is at an all-time high, and it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down any time soon.