What Is the Average Time to Settle a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Legal issues can become complex if the lawyer from the other party is creating issues. You can settle personal injury lawsuits in no time but sometimes the other party does not want to take responsibility. Thus, the case goes longer than expected.

If you have suffered a personal injury and the other party is not cooperating, you will surely have questions in your mind. One of those questions is the time that how long will you go with the lawsuit. Because the longer the case goes, the higher the expenses. You will have to pay your lawyer and go to court for hearings.

Therefore, it is best that you hire a lawyer who is experienced with such cases. You can easily find Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado at injurylawyerscolorado.com. They have a team of experienced lawyers with their specific areas.

Instead of going along with the lawsuit for a long time, it is best that you settle it in a way that is acceptable for both parties. Having such a professional lawyer will help you in securing your benefits.

Timeline for settlements

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There are two ways that the case will move forward.

The first one is that the party at fault asks his insurance company to pay you for the damages. This won’t take much time. The other party will contact their insurance company, their personnel will arrive at the scene.

Afterward, he will take your statements and take photographs to make sure of the accident. As they ensure the authenticity of the accident, the company will pay you for the damages.

Thus, it will take a maximum of one or two days. However, if the insurance company causes problems and does not admit to the accident, you might have to take things further.

The second way is going all the legal way. The other party is not admitting to his fault and you have to take the case to the court. Afterward, the jury or judge will determine the situation.

The need for a lawyer

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If there are no complications, you can take care of the case yourself. The case won’t go for long either. However, in case of any complications or if you have to go to court, you will need a lawyer. He will represent your case and demand a suitable payment.

In case of serious accidents

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If your accident was of serious nature and you got admitted to the hospital, you will have definite proof. Even in such a situation, it can take about a week or longer to settle the case. However, because you have proof, you can demand the maximum policy limit. The insurance company will pay you without any delay.

The compensation amount should be according to the damages. Therefore, if the injury needs an operation, you will ask for all the amount from them. all you have to do is to sign a release of liability.