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Russell Brunson is an American entrepreneur. He is the founder of the company named robotic-ventures. The company was founded in 2004. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has managed a number of Internet marketing companies.

Russell Brunson net worth is estimated at $25 million. The American entrepreneur is the co-founder of an American company that provides on-demand digital products. The company was launched in 1995 as a software development company.

Russell Brunson net worth


Russell is an autonomous businessman, a digital market pioneer, an author, mentor, and motivational speaker. Throughout his several years of career in numerous internet marketing services, he has earned a chance and has influenced millions. He has created the idea of selling in a software project named ClickFunnels through a hunt for millions of business people.

Biography and facts

Real Name:  His name is Russell Brunson.

Nick Name/celebrity name:  Russell Brunson.

Profession:  He is a Speaker, author, marketer, and Entrepreneur.

Birthday:  March 3, 1980.

Birthplace: He is from Utah, Provo, United States.

Height, Weight:  1.88m, 76kg, respectively.

Zodiac Sign:  Pisces.

Nationality: He’s an American.

Ethnicity:  White, Caucasian.

Love life: In 2002, Russell married Collette Brunson, his longtime sweetheart from his college. They have five children, and they live in Boise, Idaho. This is a regular occurrence since many people go to Google to learn about the lady who has stood firm to support this successful businessman. Much of his life knowledge is not accessible because he is a very private guy.

Parents: His parents are both alive; they have been supporting Russell in his career. Both his parents are family-oriented.

Father: Ross Brunson

Mother:  Marde Brunson

Siblings: He is the only child of his parents

Salary: His income is 20-40 million dollars, which he earns from ClickFunnel.

Net Worth: Currently, it is $40 million

Religion: Not available, many have asked him about his religion, but he never told anyone about it as yet. Many say he follows the religion of Christianity.

Education: His passion for marketing began at a very young age and seemed to be at 12 years old. Russell would gather junk mail and participate in any company idea that he could find at the time purely to know about industry and marketing art. Russell became the wrestler in middle school and then became his high school senior All-American and took second place in the country. He did his degree in wrestling. In class, he continued to study essential lessons on competitiveness, hard work, and the art of winning. He was one of the top ten regional wrestlers.

Future Events: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no future events are coming.

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Net Worth

  • Net worth: 40 million dollars
  • Yearly: $10,000,000
  • Monthly: $8, 33, 333
  • Weekly: $194, 439
  • Day: $27,777
  • Hour: $1,157
  • Minute: $19
  • Second: $0.321

What are the new floating gossips about Russell Brunson?

People have been debating about his new upcoming books. It is also being said that Russell partnered in his business with several people. Russell is a very secretive person, which is why lesser people come up with any gossips about him.

What do people most search about him?

Several questions are circulating about him on the internet, as follow:

  1. Is Russell Brunson Straight?
  2. Has Russell left wrestling?
  3. What are Russell Brunson’s net worth and salary?
  4. Is Russell religious?
  5. Has Russell adopted any kids?
  6. Does Russell Brunson donate his money to charity?
  7. How many followers does Russell have on YouTube?
  8. Is Russell Brunson kind to people?
  9. How old is Russell’s wife?
  10. How many companies did Russell partner with?
  11. Does Russell Brunson pay taxes?
  12. Does Russell Brunson support trump?
  13. Does Russell Brunson have a girlfriend? And many more like such.

Companies owned by Russell

Russell first flourished as an Internet marketer in 2003, marketing ZipBrander applications. ZipBrander was a guerrilla marketing technique that immediately improved the frontline benefit, not only guided laser-oriented visitors to the websites. Through a variety of network marketing agencies, he hit top levels, received a Ferrari in just six weeks, and produced 1.5 million leads. The limitations and challenges that Russell faced with the technologies necessary to revitalize its commercial funnels became the birthplace of ClickFunnels, his software firm. In October 2014, Russell launched the platform for selling funnel along with his partner Todd Dickerson and in the first three years, it hit $100,000 and 55,000. ClickFunnels is currently the world’s highest-growing tech firm without investment backup.

Who are Russell Brunson’s famous friends?

He claims that his love of life, his wife, is his most favorite friend who had supported him through his thick and thin. His friend Dan Lok is also a YouTuber with over 1.7 billion followers. He’s the publisher of more than a dozen world-class novels. Another friend, Peng Joon, is also a motivational speaker and a YouTuber. Tony Robbins and Steve J.Larson are other childhood loyal friends of Brunson, but they are not as famous as others are.

Favorite facts of the internet about Brunson.

Russell Brunson

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Russell created a new line in 2005 that would sell DVDs of “How to Make a Potato Shot.” The course was easy, and purchasers had the option of buying his package for potato weapons (which had all the requisite supplies) as an upsell. Russell brought these early goods into the Internet Advertising community, where he soon became one of the world’s top marketers. He had made his first million dollars for his companies in one year in graduate study. He printed and sold more than 250,000 copies of his commercial books, popularized the idea of selling funnels, and helped tens of millers companies get their product to the market quickly with over a million businessmen. As a writer, Russell has published many books on Amazon, each of which has a distinct taste in today’s world. His most famous books are:

  1. The underground playbook of growing your own company online.
  2. Expert secrets.
  3. Networking and marketing secrets.
  4. 108 proven split test winners, and others.

Russell has sold everything from books, training, vouchers, t-shirts, hardware, and apps, shakes, and supplements. Russels ClickFunnels’ goal applies to private-profit organizations such as Village Impact, which is worth $1.00 to create schools in Africa for any new conduit that resides in ClickFunnels. Russell received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Silver Stevie in 2018. He was also named EY Entrepreneur of the Year and was awarded for it in 2024. The number of individuals he has helped is another huge accomplishment in Russell’s life. In all the channels he is providing, millions have gained from his services. In 2014, Russell began online commercialization with ClickFunnels, a firm he co-founded. He helped other businesses and businessmen and made millions in return. He is also a writer of highly recommended online content over the years. He is enthusiastic about young people, and he aims to help them make up their dreams.

Russell Brunson is currently worth $40 million from May 2024. As founder, journalist, speaker, and trainer, he has gained all of these riches. The value of his income will grow dramatically in the future as he also works a very active part in his career. He has a fleet of cars and luxury homes, which have provided a comfortable life for him and his children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of ClickFunnels?

The net worth of ClickFunnels is $1.5 billion.

How much money does ClickFunnels make?

ClickFunnels makes money by charging a monthly subscription fee. What is the ClickFunnels refund policy? ClickFunnels does not offer refunds.

Who is the owner of ClickFunnels?

The owner of ClickFunnels is Russell Brunson.

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