Is Prince Harry Having Buyer’s Remorse Over His Pricey California Life?

After the summer of 2018, you might have noticed a few pictures of Prince Harry living the high life in the San Fernando Valley. Prince Harry and his new-found love Meghan Markle are now living in this picturesque neighborhood, and look at all the money they’re spending. It’s not too surprising that the prince might be having buyer’s remorse over the cost of living in California – or that he’d be venting about it in public.

When it comes to purchasing property, Prince Harry isn’t the first royal to make headlines. In 2011, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles purchased a home in Kensington for $621,000, then quickly sold it for $1,425,000. And that’s not all they did wrong—they estimated the home needed $200,000 worth of work. Since buying and selling real estate is a complicated subject, the couple’s financial adviser was the subject of a formal investigation.

British royal family news shows that when Prince Harry recently made a second visit to his spurned homeland all eyes were on the royal runaway. What would the trash talker say? What would the impulsive redhead do?

Much to the relief of many royal experts he didn’t add to his pile of grievances—in public anyway. There was no throwing shade, no airing of dirty laundry. Whew.

It was a far cry from his America based rants about not getting enough money from his family all the way to criticism of his father and grandparents’ child rearing practices.

Royal Family News – Is Harry Realizing His Behavior Leaves Something To Be Desired?

Harry larked about at the solemn occasion of unveiling a statue to his late mother. But his childlike antics were a welcome respite from his angry tirades. Royal experts allegedly saw tension between Harry and his brother William, but also noted that the event showcased the “easygoing spare” Harry who delighted rather than outraged others.

A source told Best Life, “He was very much the ‘Old Harry’ at the unveiling. It was great to see him in good form. It reminded a lot people of how things used to be.”

Royal Family News – Is Harry Reverting To Form?

How Harry used to be is a reference to the Harry who made poor public decisions, like dressing up in a Nazi uniform and bullying a person of Pakistani descent. That Harry was no picnic but since then he has gone on to criticize his loved ones seemingly without mercy.

Some royal watchers think his latest visit home could have opened his eyes to his reality– all that he left behind when he and wife Meghan ditched royal life for America. “Between his military affiliations being taken away and how much of an outsider he felt at his own grandfather’s funeral, he may be coming to the conclusion that, despite the fact he very much enjoys his new life in California, it came at a very high price,” said the insider.

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Royal Family News – Is Prince Harry Having Buyer’s Remorse?

The fact that Harry reportedly reached out to old friends he hasn’t seen since his wedding is another indicator he could be having buyer’s remorse according to the experts.

Royal biographer Robert Lacey reported that Harry was reaching out to some old friends in April when he was back for Prince Philip’s funeral. Apparently he had a “lads’ lunch” but notably his brother William was reportedly not invited even though they share many friends in common.

A source told the Mail that the gathering was a success and said that Harry was, “at last showing signs of wanting to reconnect with his old life … he doesn’t have to abandon his old life” despite Meghan and their children in California. “His friends are really excited, they think that the old Harry is coming back out of his shell,” the insider said.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Harry and Meghan last?

The answer is yes.

Does Prince Harry still get an allowance?

Yes, Prince Harry still gets an allowance.

Has Prince Harry returned to California?

No, he has not returned to California.

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