6 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains 2024

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The yield of a strain is the essential factor for a grower. The amount of weed you can get from a specific marijuana strain is quite crucial. Every seasoned grower should be able to identify which one to use and when to utilize it.

There are several elements to consider regarding the number of buds you get from a specific weed strain. Climate, nutrients used, grow medium, and other factors all play a role. However, the genetics of a plant is undoubtedly significant, if not the most important.

That is why we are going to look at the highest-yielding cannabis strains today.

1. Critical Kush

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OG Kush and Critical Mass were combined to make Critical Kush. It resulted in a cannabis strain recognized for its sweet, citrus-like flavor. It is, though, quite powerful, as it packs quite a punch.

If you’re planning on growing Critical Kush, keep in mind that it’s better to do so indoors. It’s possible to do it outside, although this strain is more sensitive to moisture than others. It molds from the inside out rather than the other way around. Nonetheless, if properly cared for, it has a very high yield.

2. Chronic

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Chronic is made up of three different marijuana strains. Northern Lights, AK-47, and Skunk strains are combined to make this hybrid. The outcome is a plant with side limbs that is highly meaty. Chronic has the advantage of being one of the top-yielding strains for both indoor and outdoor use.

It grows well in dry climates and can yield up to 600 grams if adequately cared for. You’ll also find that a lot of sticky buds have sweet effects on them.

3. Northern Lights

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Northern Lights is a cannabis strain that combines the benefits of both. When cultivated both outdoors and indoors, it produces an excellent yield. It’s a cross between Indica and Sativa, with 90% Indica and 10% Sativa.

The Northern Lights are lovely because they bring both mental and physical calm. It can reach a THC concentration of 18%, which is rather impressive. The flowering time is concise, taking about 7 to 9 weeks to bloom.

It has a sweet, lemony scent with spicy undertones that you will know.

4. Cheese

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Cheese is a highly potent and high-quality strain that not only has a humorous name. Cheese and Querkle were combined to make it. It’s one of the purest hybrids you’ll find on the market. It requires the most advanced genetics to create a perfect balance of both physical and mental highs. The aroma has no resemblance to that of cheese. It has a distinct aroma with fruity overtones.

Indoors is the most excellent place to cultivate Cheese Quake. It grows and spreads quickly and should be topped off as soon as possible to avoid it becoming a crowded shape. Growers don’t need to do much because they will grow too large proportions on their own. And the best part is the amount of yield it generates in the end.

5. Trainwreck

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Trainwreck is another title on our list. It’s an unusual name for strains that originated in California, yet it fits wonderfully. When it comes to cultivating it, the best option is to go outside, although a grow room or an indoor environment can also work wonders.

The best thing about this plant is that it only takes eight weeks to flower, which is a little faster than some other strains on the market. The purple Trainwreck’s short flowering time is one of its most appealing features, but it’s the plant’s hardiness that makes it so attractive.

It has a lot of strength and can take more punishment than some other names. Although it yields a lot of weed, the overall high isn’t very impressive. Thus it’s best for people who have never smoked weed before and want to give it a shot. Experienced smokers, on the other hand, will be disappointed.

6. White Widow Fem

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All growers are probably familiar with the name White Widow fem. However, some of them are clueless that it is also one of the top-yielding strains available. It was developed in Amsterdam from a cross of Brazilian and Indian landrace strains. White Widow Fem’s euphoric effects are loved by those who have tried it. On the other hand, Growers are blown away by the high volume of buds and resin it produces.

When White Widow is used, it produces practically instant mental effects, including a more defined perception of sensations. These sensations lead to a rush of energy that makes you want to go out and get things done, at least in your head. The feelings tend to soften down into a light body stone after a while. Anxiety, insomnia, cramping, chronic pain, migraines, and even Muscular Dystrophy and epilepsy have all been linked to White Widow fem. Recently, studies have begun to look into the strain’s ability to heal people with Hepatitis C, a blood disease that can cause liver problems and even cancer.

White Widow cannabis seeds perform best when germinated and planted in an indoor, hydroponic setting, with or without soil. Yet, this robust strain can resist mold and colder climes with the right conditions and put on a good show outside. White Widow may produce up to 500 grams of harvestable flower per square meter when grown indoors, and it’s worth noting that the resin-coated sugar leaves provide therapeutic benefits as well. Allow eight to nine weeks for flowering, then enjoy your full results for all your medicinal and recreational purposes.


Their are many more highest yielding cannabis strains that found but here we just discuss about top 6 strains that are ideal to grow in 2024 and will give you finest results and highest yield. You can get more information on the Seed Supreme website and get to know more about different strains.