How to Create a Bird-Friendly Garden


Having a garden can be a happy place for your plants, flowers, and other wildlife that can add some positive energy to your home. Blooming flowers on a typical morning with the natural sounds of birds chirping will surely help you have a more optimistic and brighter outlook in life.

Great flower and plant arrangements aren’t the only essentials in creating an ideal garden. A place that is welcoming and bird-friendly is also recommended nowadays. This will help you achieve a more refreshing environment and help these wildlife animals have some sheltered haven despite their constant struggle with climate change.

If you want to sprinkle more life in your present garden and make it an ideal place for birds to stop and go, we have put together some garden ideas to help you with your upgrade.

Have a birdbath fountain in your garden


Birds prevent diseases and infections by taking baths. When you have a birdbath fountain in your garden, you will naturally attract more birds and help preserve their lives. There are many fountain materials you can choose from, but if you’re going for a more solid birdbath that can withstand weather changes for a good amount of time, we recommend that you use the stone birdbath fountains.

But, if you’re trying to create a more elegant and stylish image for your garden, you can also consider the ceramic or the glass ones. Whichever it is, bird bath fountains can surely add shape and sophistication to your garden by simply putting them in the perfect place.

In choosing a birdbath fountain that would look perfect in your garden, you have to think about the size of your area, the theme that you would like to go for, and decide the size, color, material, and form of the fountain that you know would complete the look of your outdoor relaxing space.

Grow more native plants


As you are trying to attract more native birds naturally, you should help feed them by growing native plants instead of those that didn’t inherently grow in the region. Native birds have this biological need to consume native plants. They have evolved together with them, providing better energy and nutrients that can suffice them, especially during long migration season.

It is discovered that native plants bring out healthier flowers and fruits that are great for wildlife animals, also, in choosing the plants that you will place in your garden, search for those considered great bird foods that can help them survive, especially during their nesting and migrating seasons.

Create a stylish singing post for them by using dead trees


Birds prefer to rest and nest on dead trees. It is also where they make territories and let other birds know it by chirping. Dead trees are a good place for birds to create a shelter while they’re nesting and keep them away from predators.

Instead of getting rid of the dead branches outside, you can make something beneficial out of it. Preserving a single dead tree doesn’t require much hard work, and their presence can add more “naturalistic feels” to your garden.

You can decorate by surrounding it with flowers to make your place look like it’s straight out of a fairytale. Wood swings would also look good beside it, and add some log slice tables to create a cozy place where one can enjoy reading while sipping tea.

With these creative ideas we have provided, you can not only achieve an aesthetically relaxing garden. Still, you would also develop a place where birds and other wildlife animals can call their “mini sanctuary.”