7 Things to Have in Mind When Renting a Car in Dubai in 2024

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Finally! Almost every country is open for tourists, under specific conditions, and we can organize our vacation for 2024, and visit some of those destinations we promised we go after the whole COVID-19 situation is over. If Dubai is one of your dream destinations, and you finally have a chance to go there, and you want to explore the near places too, it’s maybe a good idea to look for a reliable rent a car Dubai service.

But, keep in mind that driving in Dubai can be really challenging, especially if you aren’t used to a huge traffic jam. If you move permanently there, you can consider buying a vehicle for you, but if you know that your stay there is limited, you can rent a car so you can visit all the places you wish, and limit your expenses. That will help you visit the most anticipated spots in the city. But, before you do that, you have to know that the driving laws in UAE can be different from your native country, and there are some things you have to keep in mind before you rent a car there, including:

1. Finding a reliable company

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Before you decide which one to take, you have to check their background and overall reputation. The prices can tell a lot. If, in general, they are similar in most of the companies, and there are one or two with more affordable prices, then you have the right to be suspicious, because probably there is something tricky. That’s why you have to collect all the needed information before you contact the service.

Learn more about the regulations in the UAE, and see if you can be respectful of that. In some cases, it’s better to use the public transport options. The good thing is that you can find a lot of information on popular tourist-related websites, or you can check if the hotel you stay in works with some company.

2. Be informed about the legal aspects

Can you use your current driving license, or you have to apply for an international one? Maybe you will have to take a temporary license there? You have to check all these things before you arrive. Anyway, you need your valid license, a passport, and of course, an international driving license, so they can give you an allowance to drive in the UAE, using a rented car. They have really good bilateral relations with a lot of countries in the world, and maybe you can use your current license, without any additional document, nor even a visa to visit the country.

3. Know why you need it

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Are you with your family and kids? Then you will probably need the car so you can move freely around, without holding to public transport and taxi. Also, you need to know how long you will stay, the budget you can afford, and the type of car you want. If you pay more, you can get a luxury vehicle or even an electric car, but for regular rides, you don’t need anything extra. But an air conditioning system properly installed is a must, due to the weather conditions.

4. Inspect the car before you use it

Check the vehicle together with the service provider. Make a report of every scratch and damages, because they can easily put it on you. No matter how polite the people are, they always want to charge as much as they can from the tourists, and you don’t want to be a part of a scam scheme. You can take pictures if you have to, but keep in mind that if you somehow damage it, you will have to pay for it. Also, the conditions on the roads can be pretty harsh, and sometimes damages are something that you can’t skip in Dubai.

5. Does it make sense to do that?

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The roads in Dubai are safe and secure, and if you are alone, public transport is a better option for you. But, if you are with your friends or family, you will end up saving money at the end of the trip if you rent a car. Also, if you need to be free and independent from time schedules, then renting a car is the best choice for you.

6. Gas and parking are on you

They are an additional expense, and while the car is with you, you need to think about them. The fuel is not that expensive, because you remember, they lay on petrol. Also, the parking can be a huge issue because as we said, the traffic can be pretty heavy, and all those vehicles should park at some point. But, in the malls, it can be free for up to three hours, and completely free on Friday and Saturday. Parking on the streets can be charged some fee. You need to be informed about all these things when you take the car.

7. Don’t skip the insurance policy

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The laws in the UAE require signing up for an insurance policy every time you rent a car. That’s for common protection, that covers plenty of unpleasant situation, including damages, stealing, or even traffic accidents. The rental service will offer a few options and you can take one of them, or combine them, depending on the needs. You must be very careful if you go off-road, especially if you are inexperienced. Tell your intentions to the rental company, so they can know what type of insurance do you need.

Dubai is a great city to visit and stay. A lot of people from all over the world are even moving there for work and living. It’s exceptional and offers plenty of ways to have fun and be entertained all the time. So, if you plan your next vacation, and you can afford the flights and all the other expenses, Dubai can be a pretty good choice for your trip. Keep all these things in mind if you plan to rent a car. Be aware of your needs, because sometimes, using public transport and taxi service can be a better option for you.