Signs You Are Over-Mulching Your Commercial Property


We know that mulching is not the process that people like. However, it is necessary if you want to keep the plan roots nice. People are not even aware of the importance that their commercial property has for their business. It primarily boosts the reputation of the company and highlights the professionalism it possesses. On the other hand, if you are only renting the commercial property, you will need to take care of it if you want to get a good price. Anyway, the desire to keep the commercial property nice and clean sometimes cause another mistake. Some people are simply over-mulching their commercial property without even realizing they are doing that. Because of that, we decided to write this article and explain to you the signs of over-mulching.

Most common sign – suffocating plants

We will start with the most obvious sign that you can see on many commercial properties. Suffocating plans require a special method of mulching. The task of all property owners is to spread two inches of mulch in the spring. That will ensure that weeds are deterred from growing. But, what happens if you use it more than two inches? Well, the trees, as well as shrubs in your commercial property, will be damaged. More precisely, you will manage to suffocate the roots of the plants that you have on the property. When owners accidentally over-mulch their property, they automatically support different plant diseases. You won’t have to wait a lot to see your plans and trees are losing the freshness they had before.

Another sign – mulch volcanoes


People are simply not familiar with the mulching procedures. Because of that, they don’t understand the signs that their property is sending. Mulch volcanoes are extremely visible, and, unfortunately, they send a bad message. Mulch volcanos have only one purpose – to stop the moisture against the tree bark. Despite that, removing or avoiding them is extremely important if you want to protect your plants from any type of plant disease. That is the reason why you need to precisely determine that mulch is between two and three inches away from the tree trunks. It is the only way to keep them healthy.

Check out the root flare

Okay, this is a tip we have to share with you. Just like humans, trees also need enough space to breathe. That is the only way for them to remain healthy. However, if their root is covered with mulch, then they will not manage to afford that. They will start losing their beauty while their health will significantly change. Because of that, ensure that the roots are uncovered!

Some other signs you need to have in mind


Okay, we named some of the most common signs of over-mulching. However, they are not the only ones. The first thing you should check out is the size of the leaves. If they are smaller than usual, that means there is a big chance you have over-mulched your commercial property. Despite that, closely pay attention to when exactly the leaves drop. If you notice that they drop earlier than ever before, then that means something is wrong.
We know that you are not an expert, but you may want to check whether your plants are dealing with some fungal diseases. We know you probably won’t even manage to pronounce phytophthora (too many h’s), but it is one of the most common times of over-mulching. You can discover easily by checking the vinca beds. If you see they are moldy, then you can be sure your plants are dealing with this fungal disease. More precisely, you can be sure you over-mulched it!

Bonus: So, how to choose the right mulcher for your needs?

After we mentioned all the signs of over-mulching, we would like to move a step forward. Picking the right mulcher is another thing you need to have in mind. This won’t only make the entire job more comfortable, but it will also bring better results. More precisely, you will manage to precisely turn your calculations into reality without hurting your plants and entire commercial property. Let’s find out more useful information again!

Size of the commercial property matter


The first thing you need to put into consideration is the size of your property. If the property is small or not too big, then there is no reason to purchase a big mulcher. For instance, if your goal is to clear an acre or two of your property, then the medium-size equipment will help you accomplish your job. On the other hand, if the property is bigger, then you should purchase the equipment that features high-performances.

Type of material as well

Of course, you need to put into consideration the type of materials you will work on. For instance, if you only want to clean the vegetation from the property, then you need to use simple mulchers. More precisely, you won’t need stronger machines. However, we are aware that some commercial properties also contain bushes and shrubs. If your property is one of them, then using medium and high-performance machines is going to be the right choice. Imagine that you purchase high-performance mulchers for a mini size. You will probably finish the job somehow, but you will unnecessarily spend your money.

Finally – land condition


It would be unfair to mention that underfoot conditions are also an essential factor. For instance, imagine that you need to work with a rocky lend. In that case, you will have to purchase a stronger mulcher that will allow you to maintain that type of land. The same rule counts when we talk about the land that is frozen (this happens as well).

Final thought

Before we end this article, it would be good to make some sort of conclusion. People need to carefully mulch their commercial property in case they want to get the best results. Doing it in a hurry or without the proper equipment can bring some truly bad results. You will destroy all the plants on your commercial property and end up with a bunch of unhealthy trees, bushes, and other things.