5 Tips For Cooking On A Charcoal Grill

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As we all know, summer is just around the corner, and summertime is the official season of grilling. That is why many people, such as families or groups of friends, are starting to plan some outdoor activities or adventures that pretty much involve grilling. In fact, it is considered one of the most favorite social activities by many. Well, who wouldn’t want to bond over good food, right? But before you start your cookin’ session, check out the tips found in this article that would surely give you an idea on how to elevate your grilling experience.

First, you need to get to know your grill. There are multiple types of grills, such as the kamado, pellet, dome, and propane. However, the one that remains popular to this day is the charcoal grill. Here, we will provide you some tips on how to level up your cooking experience using this equipment.

Dont use lighter fluid

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If you use lighter fluid to start your grill, there will be a tendency that the strong and unwanted taste of it will remain in your grills. This will eventually be transferred to your food during the process. Plus, it can be dangerous as well.

Light a chimney starter

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One of the most convenient, cleanest, and most efficient ways of starting a charcoal grill is to use your chimney starter. Just fill your chimney with charcoal, and use some crumpled or scratch paper to ignite the fire. For at least 15 minutes, you can now transfer the coals into the grate and start grilling. Another advantage of using this method is that it does not leave an aftertaste at all. Instead, it can improve the smoky flavor of your grilled dish.

Open dampers for a better air-flow

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The airflow is in charge of the regulation of your charcoal grill. Opening the dampers allows the airflow to circulate properly, which keeps the fire burning that will maintain the high-temperature cooking.

Add lumps and chips of hardwood

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The smoky flavor of a grilled dish is what we want to achieve. Besides, it is the main point of grilling. Another tip to improve your charcoal grill experience is to add some hardwoods on the coals, as it will elevate and add volume to the smokiness of your grilled dish.

Identify the correct temperature for each kind of meat

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Using a charcoal grill can be challenging at some point, especially if you don’t know what proper temperature a slice of meat or veggies needs. So, take time to research how to cook different meats and after you have gained some knowledge, better use a thermometer to get the right temperature. Fun fact, a thermometer really does create grill masters!

Final words

There could be a lot of innovations when it comes to grillers, but nothing beats the traditional. If you want to achieve authentic smoky, tender, and juicy grilled dishes, you better stick with the original. But, it is really up to what makes you feel comfortable, as long as you enjoy your cooking session with your family and friends and won’t forget to bring these tips with you.