Understanding The Most Common Sexual Problems For Men

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“Boys don’t cry,” “man up,” “what are you a girl?”. These are some of the destructive phrases said to men who do more damage than good. It’s a good thing to instill confidence and vigor, but not for the sake of being alienated. We mean by this that men face a lot of emotional and psychological stress and shame just like women do. Men are also human, after all.

Sexual prowess has been one of the most vital traits used to describe a man. His appeal and sexual repertoire are assets that boost the confidence of a man a lot. But the trouble sets in when men aren’t good with sex. Many men think they’re just naturally not good at it, which can be a point of concern due to their lack of awareness that they might have a sexual problem.

Most men who identify their problem are too ashamed to seek medical or professional help that can reverse the situation. This can cause many problems in their personal life and can outright lead some men into depression. Learn more on this topic by visiting their website.

If you’re a man going through any of the following problems, worry not. We’re here to enlighten you concisely so that you get the courage to get some medical help. Remember, being a man is not sucking it up and living with problems, but it’s all about recognizing and standing up to the occasion.

Premature ejaculation

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One of the most common sexual problems in men all around the world. Premature ejaculation is a sexual condition that is characterized by orgasm in less than a minute. 1 in 5 men from age 18 to 40 premature experience ejaculation and around 30 to 40% of males experience premature ejaculation at least once in their lifetime.

Premature ejaculation can be acute or chronic. Acute premature ejaculation may be due to certain specific psychological impediments such as nervousness or over-excitement. These will naturally subside as you get more confident and comfortable.

Chronic cases of premature ejaculation may be due to various medical reasons that you need to get checked. Premature ejaculation is a condition that you can solve with little to no medication.


Various factors can cause premature ejaculation. They are caused due to abnormal changes in hormone levels, changes in neurotransmitter count, and lifestyle choices such as excessive viewing of porn. Excessive porn can be a sign of porn addiction.

This ties into premature ejaculation as your brain has been hardwired to orgasm as fast as possible to get the rush it wants. This can be reversed if you rid yourself of your addiction, and as for the hormone levels, you might need medical assistance.

Erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction again is another sexual problem that is found in men. Erectile dysfunction, unlike premature ejaculation, is a slightly more serious issue. This is because, here, time is not the issue like it is for premature ejaculation. You can train yourself to last longer for PE conditions, but erectile dysfunction is a condition in which men cannot fully make their penis erect.

ED might also be a situation where men cannot maintain an erection for even a short period. Erectile dysfunction can be caused due to medical factors such as cardiovascular problems, clogged blood vessels, and high blood pressure. The science behind all this is that a penis needs a sufficient blood flow to stimulate the penis to become more firm and erect.

Since your cardiovascular system is responsible for the flow of blood into your penis, if you’re having erectile dysfunction problems, they’re very likely due to your heart and other blood flow-related problems. Psychological problems such as nervousness and sleep disorders can also be the reasons for erectile dysfunction, although your ED can be cured by reversing these psychological problems.

ED can be a complicated and frustrating issue for you and your partner and leaves neither satisfied. Be sure to communicate well and tell your partner about your condition, which will make the dysfunction reversal all the easier.

Libido problems

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Libido is defined as the overall sexual drive or desire. This condition affects both men and women but can be frustrating more for men because there’s no way of hiding this condition. It is characterized by a lack of a low need to have sexual intercourse or any form of sexual activity. This is different from erectile dysfunction as those with low libido can make their penis erect, but their desire to want to be sexually turned on naturally becomes very low.


Testosterone levels are a primary factor. Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for male attributes. Low libido can be caused due to low testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone is also the main factor in determining your sex drive.

Changes in your testosterone levels can be a massive problem as they not only inhibit your sex drive but also affect the physical attributes of your body, such as low muscle growth, low sperm count, and lower masculine attributes.

Depression is also another leading cause of loss of libido. This is related to psychological problems that, in turn, affect your hormonal cycle. Medication and other supplements such as prednisone steroids can also cause loss of libido. One of the solutions is to use supplements and potency enhancers like Viagra and Kamagra. If the problem is only temporary, you could use these as a short term solution, but if the problem persists, be sure to look for a professional opinion.


All sexual problems that men face, for the most part, are curable and reversible, so don’t get too anxious about it. All sexual problems have an answer. They are either caused due to psychological reasons, due to medication, and various other causes that can be reversed with a little bit of work and patience.

We understand that it can be frustrating, which is why we hope this article helped you better to cope with these conditions and seek out medical help, you can always test boosters.  Remember, men, your desired sexual life is right near you. Just take the brave step of owning up to it and reverse it as soon as possible.