Things To Have In Mind When Buying Foreign Real Estate


Living abroad is a dream for most people. What’s more attractive than being able to live somewhere else than where you are is to experience a whole new type of life and culture that is entirely different from the one here. The feeling of experiencing a new environment, work ( If you start a new job ), new living spaces, and so much more is an odd feeling. There are various countries that you can live in that can contribute so many colors and experiences to your life. If you want to be at the heart of football, you can settle in a European country, most likely in Spain or Italy. If you’ve given your heart and soul to art, the best place for you to settle would be in Paris. The legendary beauty of the Mona Lisa is forever hung on the wall of the Louvre.

Switzerland is the best place to visit if you love a countryside life filled with barn animals, greenery, and waterfalls. If you want to know more about real estate in foreign countries, visit options to have a beautiful place to settle in are innumerable. But one of the biggest and most important things to accept is that visiting a place is different and living in it. Settling in one place would mean for you to cross various obstacles and probably move out of your comfort zone. One of the obstacles that you might face is the tediousness of buying real estate in a foreign country. There will be various factors and determinants that might prove to be a challenge for you to buy a house abroad, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Requirements for buying a house abroad


Living in a place you call home is the most natural thing for a person to want. This is where a house falls short of expectations. What makes a house a home is the sense of comfort and leisure that you cannot in a place you are not at ease in. What most people want these days, especially millennials, is a life that’s mostly filled with health and fun over stress and work.

But here’s where you should work your magic. The secret to a healthy, happy, and fun-filled work life is the environment you do it in. There are some people who, in their own words, term their jobs as “boring” but seem to love doing it anyway because of where they live.

Hence, the place you live is significant. But as we said before, buying a house abroad is no simple task. There are various requirements and criteria that you should meet qualitatively and quantitatively to buy real estate in foreign countries.



The most important criteria are your finances. It is common sense to be well-off and financially independent to buy real estate in a foreign country. Since you’re dealing with a foreign country, real estate prices might be way different from what you face in your own country. So make sure that your finances are all set and ready to go.

Paying through cash is a viable option if it’s a used property or a property that might not be as clean as you think ( in terms of accounts ). This statement is a method of persuasion for you to purchase illegal property as you could be heavily penalized, but it is a measure you can take to be safe if you don’t think the deal with the real estate owner is as clean as you think.

Laws and legislation


Another critical point for you to consider is the rules and regulations of foreign countries. It is always advisable to be well versed in the rules and regulations of countries in which you want to buy real estate because there are various clauses in the agreements that need to be read and agreed to.

If you approach the laws just like you do for your home country, there is a high chance that a problem could arise and land you in deep trouble. So make sure you’ve deeply researched the country’s laws and legislation for real estate before deciding to pay for a house. Don’t sign any document if you’re in doubt with any clause or section of the agreement if you don’t understand it correctly.

Overhead costs


The costs would be one of the biggest surprises for you if you forgot to consider them in your budget. Overhead costs are those costs above the base costs of the house. This not only means the interiors and various other house-related costs but if you’re purchasing a piece of land alone, there are various taxation formalities that you will have to look forward to and other official costs that are liable to the government.

The average rate for taxes and other costs is 10% of the sale cost of the house. But the thing is, this taxation slab varies in various countries, so be ready to pay more than 10% of the sales cost if it comes down to it. Other costs such as stamp duty, transfer fees, notary fees, and a few other official costs are likely to occur. Be sure to make provisions and be ready for any contingencies that occur with it.


Your property rights are the most important. It is what officially entitles you as the owner of the house. Hence protecting your property rights is crucial while buying real estate outside. This is because of how often frauds can regularly cheat real estate owners with various activities such as trespassing and litigation.

If official problems were to arise, you should make sure to fight for them legally, and the way to do that is with your property rights. Hence all monetary exchanges should be made following the property rights kept in mind. It is no easy task for you to buy real estate by yourself, so we suggest you hire a professional in real estate who will make your job easier.