Find A Lender Approved Property Solicitor Online In Seconds


When buying or selling a property, you have to include a person who is an expert in the legal aspects of the whole procedure. This person is known as a property solicitor or in some cases, conveyancer. You are doing this thing together with the lender, if you have it, so both sides can be satisfied with the service.

Since you need to pay for these services, you have to deeply research your area to find the right conveyancer to complete the legal tasks between you, the lender, and the buyer/seller. The activity in the real-estate market is not simple. Starting from the price and fees, and passing the ownership, it takes a lot of legal steps until the new house or any other type of property is completely yours, or the buyers.

But even if you invest in the new building, you are a first-time buyer, remortgage the financial plan, you are buying to let (or letting to buy), you have to use the services listed on to be sure everything is completed right on time. Basically, these people are known as property lawyers, and when looking for them online, you can get their basic quotes, so you can prepare for all the additional costs that come with real-estate property buying/selling.


During this process, you must handle a lot of activities, and you can’t do that all by yourself for sure. That’s why you need an independent, but still approved mortgage advisor who has advanced knowledge in lender conveyancing, so they can understand all the aspects, and help you with every aspect. Keep in mind that this service doesn’t come for free, and you will have to plan the expenses nicely. So, you have to be careful about these things:

-Check their license, and also the background. Are they experienced in this? Who did recommend this person to you? Are they trustworthy?

-Is the solicitor qualified for legal works around property ownership and buying and selling process? Do they have the proper training for this one?

-Are their rates much higher or lower compared to the other professionals who work on this issue? Are they transparent enough telling you the potential additional fees, just in case?

How to find these professionals?


There are plenty of ways to reach these people. You can find their phone number and schedule a meeting, or visit their office to talk about the issue. But, before you do that, you have to check their reputation, compare the quotes, consult more experienced sellers/buyers, check through available online tools, and so on. They must be experienced in this field, and see if they are approved by the lender’s panel. If the legal counselor is not good, there can be serious delays and additional costly expenses, which can be pretty frustrating, especially when you buy your first home alone.

The communication between the lender and solicitor is also a key part of the whole process. Both included parties should be sure they are getting their part of the contract. The lender must know if you are a reliable person to lend them money, and you also need to know you will get the exact amount you need.

You probably already know this, but when you sign up for a mortgage, the loan is practically sealed on the property you want to buy, and you will have to pay your monthly rates, according to the contract. If you are late every month, or you miss some payment, the legal counselor will contact you, to adapt the conditions together with the lender, or even ask you if you still want to keep the property, or they have to sell to another person to recover the expenses of the initial loan.

That’s why you need a trusted conveyancer who will satisfy both sides, and come to the best possible conditions for you. They are the “bridge” between you and the lender or seller because a lot of unplanned things can happen, and every person included in the process should be informed about that. Anyway, this is how the things go:

  1. You get interested to buy some property and you need to borrow money for that
  2. You find an agent who will contact the seller, together with a lender, so you can set a deal in the meaning of the complete price, monthly rates, and fees included
  3. Hiring a conveyancer to “seal” the deal and advise you about every potential danger
  4. Coming to the conditions that work for all parties included
  5. You start paying the monthly payments as the contract requires, and still manage to treat the property as yours
  6. Any potential issues are resolved with help from the conveyancer or solicitor

The solicitor also has another important role in these processes. They can check the value of the property and estimate if the owner’s and lender’s demands are appropriate. It’s always a nice idea to use the same solicitor together, so you can avoid problems due to misunderstanding some things.

Is it possible to find these people online?


There are active databases on the Internet with all the information you need about the solicitors around you, with short descriptions and listed details about their previous work. The best thing is that you can get the basic quotes and information just by entering the details, like the lending amount, the time you have to complete the whole payment, the type of property, and all the demanded details, so you can get the information you need.

Be careful, because not every solicitor is approved by a lender. That’s why it’s better to use the lender’s website or database to find the right person for you. Sometimes the lenders already have legal advisers on their panel, and if they insist on those two or three people, without any chance to adapt to your conditions, maybe you have to rethink the whole thing again, so you can avoid getting caught in some network or scheme – because there are a lot of things like that, so you don’t have to be surprised if they insist on conveyancer who works for them exclusively. That’s a sign to look for another more reliable lender and set all the details that work for you both.