Benefits Of Knowing A Second Language In The Workplace


Irrespective of the position you hold in a company or the industry you work in, knowing a second language will provide you an edge over your competitors. If you are an employee who can speak a language other than the ones commonly used by all, you will be highly benefited. With the rise in competition in the job market, knowing a second language has become more important than ever now. Doing business with companies located overseas is now possible due to technology, and hence knowing a second language is highly valuable.

The demand for people who can bridge the gap of communication between two different cultures has grown exponentially. The best part about it is that the Internet has made it possible for people to learn foreign languages. If you are looking forward to learning a second language, you will easily find some of the best resources online. Discover the benefit of knowing a foreign language in the workplace in this article.

Get yourself distinguished at the workspace


One of the primary reasons for learning a second language is that you can effortlessly set yourself apart from others in the workspace. If you are from a manufacturing or retail background, learning an additional language is valuable since international companies are always on the lookout for employees who can speak global languages. If you are awaiting a promotion or looking for a job change, knowing another language will place you above the competition. Don’t forget to mention in your resume that you are bilingual, and if already working, make sure your manager is aware of your ability.

More opportunities of travelling the world


When you have a meeting with an international client, your employer will have to hire the services of a translator, and at times it can cost huge. That being said, your employer will always choose you when there is a need to send an employee abroad for a business trip. This way, you will get an opportunity to travel the world and expand your reach.

Earn the trust of your coworkers

Knowing the regional language of a place will help you communicate better with your coworkers. Moreover, you would not have to feel left out when they discuss something important among themselves. The level of comfort you feel in a group in which you understand what is being said is quite high. Also, by speaking two or more languages, you can easily double up your social circle, which could translate to better work opportunities that otherwise would have been out of your reach.

Take better decisions


Recent research has shown that people who can speak two or more languages can make better decisions as compared to those who only speak one language. The science behind this can be best explained by experts. However, this does make sense because having to frame your idea into words of a language other than your mother tongue definitely requires a lot of effort, which in turn helps to make you stand apart from the crowd.

Enhanced sensitivity of culture

If you completely engage yourself in the culture of a second language that you are learning, you will do a favor to yourself. When getting too engaged, you will become sensitive to the language, understand the culture of that place better, and will be able to think open-mindedly. You will be able to understand things in a better way. Additionally, cultural sensitivity also helps you infer ways of communicating with the natives and also get to know more about the culture that you are surrounded with. This way you will feel more comfortable while speaking the language and doing business with foreign companies will be convenient.

Boosted brain activity


While there is a lot of debate going on about whether humans are capable of multitasking and whether they are efficient in doing so, one thing that is for sure is that being able to speak and understand more than one language helps to boost the cognitive abilities of the people. Switching between two or more languages as and when needed and having to learn things in an entirely new language definitely gives your brain a good workout. In terms of your workplace, this new mental exercise routine can increase your efficiency as an employee and thus make you a more valuable asset to the company than you already are. Moreover, your memory skills also get boosted by having to recall and learn new words.

Prevents accidents at workplace

Companies generally have warning signs and other safety notices written in English. For people whose first language is not English, it can prove to be a big problem. They may fail to understand certain warnings or avoid certain areas that are under construction. By being well versed in more than one language, you will be able to read these warning signs and thus avoid any accidents and injuries.

Enhances memory


The capability of reading, writing, and understanding a second language is proven to improve the memory of employees. This is because various areas of our brain get engaged in exercises. Such parts are the ones that hold, use and process the required information and also perform the tasks at that moment. A new language also encompasses the practice of using and knowing different words and grammatical rules of that language. Such processes help in the improvement of overall memory for individuals who learn a second language while working.

Get hired by global companies

Global companies prefer employing people who are well versed in more than one language to increase their reach across the world. They prefer hiring candidates who can easily blend in different cultures and fill in the communication gap between their clients and them. Thus, learning more than one language will give you an opportunity to become a global employee.


Learning a second language will give you an edge at your current workplace and will also help you get a foot in the door while applying for a new job. Apart from career growth, a second language has some personal benefits as well.