5 Best Websites for Soccer Highlights in 2024

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Whether it is Manchester United vs. Real Madrid or Liverpool against Arsenal, you know you’re a soccer fan when you’re glued to the screen for all the big league matches. Soccer is a fascinating sport, a sport that catches our attention from any end of the room to the TV set. If watching the pros in action gets your blood pumping, this article’s for you.

We understand that nothing’s more heartbreaking than missing a goal that you’ve anticipated for the longest time or your favorite player’s best shot. But you can now combat interruptions with a grin on your face because we have your back. To ensure that you never miss out on the slightest match movement, here are 5 Best Websites for Soccer Highlights in 2024.

1. ESPN.com

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If soccer is a world’s sport, ESPN is a world’s channel. This globally recognized platform offers real-time updates of the game as well as online and offline streaming options. Since ESPN is an international label, you can always trust the credibility of the information you receive on the website.

Several trophies and championships from across the globe can be live-streamed on this website. One can spot detailed updates, highlights of the match, and commentaries on the intuitive dashboard of the website. If you’re on the go and wish to seize every bit of the game, you can install the mobile app of ESPN.com to witness every goal by your favorite players.

Catch the top headlines or dig into fascinating insights of the match in the news section of the website. ESPN.com helps soccer enthusiasts from across the globe stay connected with the sport and keep up with the scores whenever, wherever.

2. 55goal

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If you’re looking for a comprehensive and completely free website for the latest football updates and much more, you can always look up 55goal. The all-inclusive site boasts a rather massive range of information consisting of cup results, the latest scores, league tables, fixtures, and detailed football statistics. You can trace match scores and highlights from as far back as 2018 up to the latest games.

A distinctive feature of 55goal is that it offers instant goal replays. Thus, you can watch a goal up-close as many times as you need to make your decision! If you’re a die-hard fan of the sport, 55goal has everything that you could ask for. The website also exhibits a fine collection of blogs that offer exclusive insights into the matches.

If you’re too busy to catch the live-action, you can always scroll through the news section of the website to stay updated. The ultra-modern platform helps you access soccer timetables for world trophies and other big-league games. Whether you wish to stream a game in real-time or catch the post-match highlights, you can always access 55goal for the quickest updates.

3. FlashScore.com

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Yet another of every soccer fan’s favorite websites is FlashScore.com. This platform offers live football scores and results from over a thousand football leagues, championships, and trophies, including the UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, and the Premier League. Thus, you can enjoy a dynamic range of matches from across the globe at the comfort of your home.

Bringing you the latest updates as well as live streaming options of all major matches, this website automatically updates its dashboard without you refreshing the page. The intuitive features of the website make it one of the most preferred match trackers for all soccer enthusiasts across the world.

In addition to international match updates, you can also spot national game updates like Mexican and African football league scores on the platform. Check out the live score section of the website to stay in the loop with all your latest soccer matches. You can also watch the video highlights, yellow and red cards as well as real-time live scores at the website.

If you’re on the move, you can also opt to receive goal updates through sound notifications on your smartphone. This distinctive feature of FlashScore.com makes it easy for soccer lovers to follow the latest match updates even when they’re on the road.

4. LiveScore.com

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Next up on the list, LiveScore.com provides top league, championships, national and international cup updates as well as real-time streaming of the matches. The website is majorly known for its cricket updates and insights, but it also offers a net-busing streaming experience to soccer fans from across the globe. Whether it is live updates of an ongoing game or a match from the past, you can catch comprehensive football stats with the ease of a few clicks on the intuitive website.

In addition to Premier League and the Bundesliga, LiveScore.com offers score updates and video highlights of Serie A as well as Ligue 1 football matches. Thus, you can binge the best of soccer from across the globe right on your smartphone. The platform is also a go-to destination for detailed news pieces on the latest games. The dashboard of the website exhibits real-time highlights; thus, you are notified as the goal flies in and not a minute later.

One can also find the Champion League and Europa League highlights on LiveScore.com. Furthermore, users can review the latest line-ups, domestic and international soccer timetables to plan ahead in the schedule to never miss the much-awaited matches.

5. Soccer24.com

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Offering unbeatable details of big leagues and low division matches, Soccer24.com is no lesser than a goldmine for soccer enthusiasts. Apart from soccer live scores and game results, the website also boasts half-time results, red cards, and goal notifications to keep its users updated at all times. One can also catch the latest highlights and real-time matches in the highest resolution videos on the website and enjoy an enhanced streaming experience.

The highly encyclopedic website displays the latest updates of European, American, Asian, African, and Australian football championships. Users can also find explicit details of the soccer matches and teams like fixtures, standings, transfers, and squad.


If you’re a soccer enthusiast hunting for a free, comprehensive, and intuitive website for soccer updates, then these are some top websites that soccer fans from across the world log in to for the latest updates and highlights of all premier league, national and international matches. Log in to any and enjoy the thrill!