Is It Cheaper To Pour Concrete Or Build A Deck


Arranging the yard is not an easy task. Moreover, sometimes arranging this space requires a lot more than arranging the entire interior of the home. Therefore, most people think that it is a very demanding job, which requires a lot of time and effort. When decorating the exterior, it is necessary to adjust it to your own taste and desire. Of course, what we can not ignore is the price. That’s why many people wonder what to choose and is it cheaper to pour concrete or build a deck?

Select Flooring Before You Start To Work


Where to start building a terrace or yard? It is advisable to start this by choosing floorings. Different materials have different requirements that must be taken into account when preparing the substrate. Some can be laid on the ground, others require a stable concrete foundation. If you choose the floor early enough, before you start to work – the construction of the terrace or patio will be smooth. You can plan the work without any problems, and if necessary, you can expand it over time. So, it’s time to answer the key question: What to use when building a yard or a patio? Will you opt for concrete pouring or decking?

What Options Can Different Materials Provide?

If you opt for concrete, you know at the beginning that you can upgrade such a floor over time. You can opt for tiles, stone, concrete, or Behaton slabs – which have been very popular in recent years. On the other hand, if you are a fan of the natural look of your exterior, then decking will be a better choice. You can make it from natural wood, but also other popular materials such as composite decking boards. Some would say that a perfectly arranged yard is paved everywhere, clean and tidy, without vegetation. On the other hand, some consider such an exterior sterile and gloomy. Therefore, many think the ideal solution for a tidy yard is a combination of lawns, flowers, and ornamental plants, as well as stone paths. However, some think that decking gives the whole exterior a natural look. It really depends on your taste, but also your budget.

Of course, depending on your choice, the price you will pay also depends. So let’s make a basic comparison and see which is cheaper – concrete or decking.

Is Building A Deck Expensive?


If you fall into the category of those who like a classic look and are considering easy maintenance – then building a deck is a good choice for you. Deck construction is also one of the most affordable options when it comes to exterior design. So is it affordable to build a deck and how much can it cost? According to decksforlife, the answer depends on many factors such as the dimensions you need or materials you use, etc.

The Size And The Material

Quite logically, if you want to make a bigger deck – the costs will be higher. On the other hand, the price also depends on the material you choose for decking. Will you opt for natural wood or will you use composite decking? Certainly, each of the materials has its advantages and its disadvantages that you should consider. With natural wood, maintenance is somewhat more demanding over time than with composite decking. However, composite decking does not have the same quality, so it often happens that its color changes shade over time – even though it is quite durable. So think carefully before you decide.

Additional Things


In addition to decking boards, you must keep in mind additional things such as making foundations, subframes, as well as fences, etc. There is no excessive difference with the interior flooring. So, it all depends on the material you choose.

Time required for construction

None of us likes to have workers occupy the house and yard indefinitely. So this is one of the things you need to pay attention to from the start. If you are hiring professionals, it is something you need to make clear right away. Namely, smaller and medium decks need less time to build. The usual deadline is seven to ten days. On the other hand, larger and more demanding decks require more time to build. Calculate all this in advance in your budget – because you pay workers per square feet and sometimes per hour of their work. This is exactly what can bring you additional costs that you may not have counted on. Also, if you add elements such as a fence, lights, etc. – it can also further burden your budget.

Pouring Concrete


We can already say at the beginning that this is a somewhat cheaper solution. Of course, that is if we are talking about ordinary concrete pouring without additional upgrading. However, when we make the final calculation, we can say that the difference is negligible – because it also depends on various factors. Again, the two most important criteria are the size of the surface – as well as the material and the quality of the poured concrete.

Concrete quality and project design

Certainly, the better the quality of the poured concrete, the higher the price. Also, the size of the surface is again the deciding factor. What we have to emphasize though, is that pouring a concrete slab is quite different from pouring foundations and other structures made of concrete. Therefore, we cannot say that this is as cheap as it seems at first glance. There is also the issue of project design. If you make the project yourself, you can save some money.

On the other hand, if you have enough budget for the project, you may need a contractor specializing in concrete construction to help you achieve the highest quality possible. This way, you’ll be guaranteed a level of durability and longevity that ensures your concrete structure withstands the test of time while achieving your desired aesthetic appeal.

Building time, maintenance, and upgrading


There is also the question of the time frame which depends on whether you are just pouring a slab or also a concrete foundation. The second option requires both time and money. In the end, although they are somewhat cheaper than wooden decks – pouring concrete slabs does not justify a small difference in price. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are still more likely to opt for decking. What is an advantage of concrete is the possibility to upgrade it later. You can place tiles or stone over the poured concrete slab that can look very attractive. The advantage is also easier maintenance – because the concrete only needs occasional washing to maintain it. However, in the case of cracking concrete, the whole thing can cost you far more. So make sure you hire experienced constructors.


Although we take strict budget care when building a yard or a patio – we need to be aware that differences in money are sometimes not as significant as differences in quality and, above all, in appearance. Depending on your needs, you will opt for one of these floorings, but first, study all their advantages and disadvantages. Then, you will think rationally and make the best decision for you.