Can You Have Meal Replacement Shakes On A Keto Diet


Everyone in the world wants to lead a better life, and even though that starts from within, sometimes we need the way we look to reflect the way we feel. Billions of people around the world struggle with some excess weight, and we are all looking for a way to shed those extra pounds and look better than we ever did before. One of the best ways to lose some weight and to look as good as we feel is the keto diet.

This lifestyle has been supported and tried by millions of people, and it is said that it is probably one of the best life changes that you can do for yourself. The reason why so many of us love it is that it is not a typical crash diet that will make you count the days until you can eat the things you like again. It is a way of life that is going to help you feel better, improve your overall mood, and it will help you get to your weight goal. In this article, we are going to talk about meal replacement and if you can have shakes while you are following this food regimen.

Stick with us to learn what’s allowed, what you can do to have your meal on the go, and which things will not make you break the rules of the diet.

Are you allowed to do this?


Let’s first talk about the meal replacement and if you are allowed to use shakes. Well, the short answer is yes, you can do this, but you need to pay close attention to what you consume. Just like every other part of this food regimen, you cannot just consume everything you want, when you want, and you need to pick specific ingredients to create the meals.

Note that you also need to pay attention to the ratio in which you combine the ingredients, as your main goal is to feel full, and not to be starving until it is time for you to consume your next meal. Because of this, you need to be careful that the beverages you make are high in healthy fat, but at the same time, they should not contain any carbs or sugar, or the number of carbs and sugar should be limited.

On the same note, you should pay attention to the type of fats you consume, as well as the oils, and you need to remember that there are some types of supplements that are a huge no-no when it comes to this way of life.

Ultimately, you should not prepare the shake just to have something to eat or drink, but instead, you should make them in a way that they taste better. Everyone who’s ever changed their complete lifestyle suggests that the most important thing is for you to be happy. If you keep on consuming ingredients that are not making you happy and fulfilled, at the end of the day you will give up. So, know that this type of regimen is extremely diverse, so you should not limit your possibilities, and you should never give up before you find that perfect combination of goods that taste just to your liking. Note that by making your brain and belly happy, you are more likely to continue with this lifestyle, and ultimately, get to your desired weight.

Best shakes you can try


Now let’s talk about the replacement meals you can have, and how to choose the best shake for you. You should always read more about the possibilities you have, and you should learn as much as possible about the different powders and beverages that you can consume.

Note that you can choose to purchase these items already prepared, you can make them on your own, or you can just use the powder and combine it with a liquid of your choosing. They all have their positive and negative sides, but If you want to have more time for yourself, and if you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen, looking for the right ingredients, then you should know that most of the already prepared items you can find on the market can help you as much as the home-made shakes.

In case you choose to purchase the goods, then the most important thing you need to pay attention to is the label, and you need to see if the product is in fact keto-friendly, if it contains the needed healthy fats, and if they are low in carbs and sugar. These numbers and details should be added to the outside of the package, and if you cannot find any information about the ingredients and their ratio, then you should look for another product.

If you want to prepare the shakes on your own, then you can do that as well. You should know that for most of these beverages, the whole preparation time should not be longer than 10 to 15 minutes, but you need to purchase the right ingredients before, and you need to have a good food processor or blender.


When it comes to specific recipes, it all depends on your personal preferences, and you can choose to make your own recipe, or you can follow something that is already available on the internet. Currently, there are many recipes that you can test out and know that in most cases, you can combine different ones, and make a beverage of your liking, as long as you follow the standard rules for this lifestyle.

You can choose to put items like avocado, cocoa powder, heavy cream, vanilla extract, coconut, or almond milk that are unsweetened, and you can also add flaxseed. The only thing you need to do is put all the things in your blender, add more milk if you want to get a beverage that is not too thick, and don’t forget about the ice cubes. Search for interesting recipes, and test your skills out.

As you can see, yes, you can replace a meal with a nice and tasty shake while you are following the keto diet. Note that you need to just pay attention to the ingredients as well as the levels of fat, carbs, and sugar. Don’t steer away from trying new things out, and remember that nowadays, there are already so many powders and pre-made shakes that don’t cost too much, and you can use them on the go whenever you feel like having a meal or even a snack.