Step By Step Guide To Get Your Partner On Board With Sex Toys


I have come across so many people who always are hesitant about asking there partner to introduce sex toys in their life. To be honest this could be hard in many situations. Asking your partner to use sex toys can make it look like he/she is not able to satisfy you and can hurt the self-confidence of your partner.

With increasing popularity of sex toys we sometimes forget that it can still feel a bit taboo for some people as different people could have different opinions about sex toy.

The guide of introducing sex toys in couple varies from case to case but we have tried to bring on the guide considering the most difficult situation where female wants to convince male to swim in the pleasure pool of sex toys with her.

It is most common for men to consider usage of sex toys as sex lack in his ability to satisfy his partner. It raises the insecurities and dominates the self-confidence of any individual. Our society has raised men in a manner so they always want to satisfy his partner using his own tools. Convincing men to adapt some external help is challenging.

The safe guide to take this life changing step takes reassurance, patience and some research. I hope this article helps you reach your goal.

1. Conciliate his ego

You have to let your man know how excellent he is in love making, give specific flashbacks of how you enjoyed when he did something particular. Talk about your best night you had. Men love such details.

You can’t be talking about any external element until you have made him believe you appreciate his bedroom skills.

2. Start talking about sex in your relationship

Ease up the strain and talk about sex in general, this can help bringing up sex toys conversation at some point in life. Not just this but talking about sex also improves intimacy and you get better opportunity to understand each other’s sexual preference.

Communicate during or after sex helps your partner to involve in conversation. Tell him how good you felt; tell him what more you want, tell him what his favorite move is. Ask him what his favorite moves of you are. This type of conversation will help you and your partner to talk about sensation without any hurdle.

3. Advice on adding small additions to bed room


The best initiative is to add small elements like scented candles, flowers in your bedroom, your favorite flavored lubricants. Let your man understand how adding more spices to your bedroom is healthy and more orgasmic for both of you.

4. Talk about sex toys

It is no way wise to surprisingly bring some vibrator in the middle of night without consent. Such behavior is considered disrespectful and will pressure a partner to do something he was not ready for. So it is better to discuss it before anything else.

When you have followed the above steps for a few days, it won’t be a problem for you to introduce the idea of pleasure products to your partner. Just set up the conversation with an open end and give him the space to say no if he wants to.

You can break the ice by telling your partner that you read something interesting about sex toys on internet and see how he responds. Discuss how there are so many different sex toys available in India. Go through online platforms where you can buy sex toys online in India and make him imagine using any of those. See how he responds and act accordingly. This conversation can be all in one go or multiple parts on different days depending upon your partner’s response to it.

5. Select a sex toy of your wish


There are 1000s of different types of sex toys which are now available online in India. Choosing your first sex toy can be tricky when you have choose between dildos, vibrators, strokers, bondage kits, anal toys, nipple vibrators and many more. It is important for you to know more about sex toys you want to pitch about as more information you have about, more you can convince your partner on how safe and healthy it would be for you two. You have to bring him to the same page like you are to make the whole experience more fruitful.

We suggest you make a list of a few options and then run it over to your partner so you decide something that involves both of you and both of you are equally comfortable with it.

6. Know your toy

When you have finally made your choice, you have to spend time getting to know it. You can talk to an expert on website to know how product operates, what it is made of, how to use it, how to take care of it. All these points are very important to understand for you and your partner. Not knowing any of these points can end up interrupting your first experience and the first impression matters a lot, especially to your partner whom you convinced to use it.

7. Take the feedback


This part is my favorite. Ask your partner how he felt about using the adult toy; imagine your partner being so happy that he starts to thank you for making him do this. Both of you should keep talking about sex so you know each other’s preferences and keep leading a wet life. Keep telling him that he is still the man behind your happiness and the sex toy is a weapon which makes no sense without its warrior.

Welcome to the world of sex toys

With all positive approaches we hope your first experience has been above expectations and would have opened the doors of extreme pleasure for you and your partner. But if not, don’t stop, try something new. Since there are so many choices in sex toys, there is something made for you too. Don’t give up and keep adding new sex toys to your collection. Ask your partner if he would like to try something new. Run your fantasies and make all of them true with new surprises. It always good to get have a expert by your side while making your purchase, so talk to the expert and take suggestions.