5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Start Using Sex Toys Today!

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Are you considering purchasing sex toys? Then you are in the right spot!

In today’s open discussion I detail 5 strong reasons why you should start using sex toys today!

The thought process of this sex toys blog post came to me when I was discussing the online sex toy store with a good friend of mine. We were searching for a toy for her on the Cupid Boutique website (which is an adult toy store Canada). Since I have dealt with them before and was satisfied. I wanted my friend to experience the same.

What on Earth is a Sex Toy?

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You have probably heard the word and considered nothing as it is a common word in the English language. But what do you know about sex toys? Here I will outline what are sex toys? Plus detail the benefits of using them.

Sex Toys A Plenty!

A Sex Toy is an object in which people use to gain more pleasure during sexual intercourse or masturbation aka self-pleasure! You can use these products by yourself or you can play with a partner to boost your sexual drives and play.

Using sex toys is not a bad thing. You both can enjoy discoveries that were never had prior to using a sex toy as we are not fully equipped to do the same things that vibrators and masturbators can.

Even though there is tons of helpful sex toys available the real question starts with you.

How do you feel about using toys in the bedroom to spice up the fun?

Who Uses Sex Toys?

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We already are aware of women using sex toys as a way to relax and to expend the sexual energy without being involved with a sexual partner. There are many benefits to self-pleasuring. It can calm your mind, body and soul. It can help you relax your body and mind, plus it gives off helpful serotonin which helps with sleep and good moods. Plus self-pleasure with sex toys is great for your blood flow and skin. What other reasons do you need!

But do guys like vibrations too? Absolutely! Because we all have glands that need vibration to not only satisfy them but it also keeps us healthy. Men who indulge in sexual self-expressions are less opt to have prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction (aides are available through your local sex shops).

There are some negative side effects of using a vibrator though. If you stimulate with vibrations you can actually overdo it with too much vibrations in the same area for a long length of time. This can cause numbness in the area and could also result in a central nervous system break down. If the area becomes too stimulated you lose feeling in that area which is a letdown when you are trying to maximize your pleasure.

How can a man use vibrators: He can use any where he pleases really, there are some toys on the market that have intensions of one thing but in a unisex world both man and woman can use vibrators. Note: Anything listed as a G-Spot vibrator can also be used as a P-Spot Vibrator.

Note: Helpful ways to search for toys would be to select trust worthy sex shops, and use the categories and sub categories to refine your search for what it is you are looking for.

Sex Toys for Men:

• Masturbators (vibrating or non)
• Cock Ring/Cock Cages (vibrating or non)
• Prostate Probes
• Anal Plugs
• Penis Pumps (vibrating or non)
• Penis Extension sleeves

I often get asked by men: are male masturbators worth it!? My answer is always yes! Since they teach the men how to control their ejaculations, and help him build a great stamina during sexual intercourse that can minimize premature ejaculations.

Stuck in a rut and cannot buy sex toys right now? You can always take a look around the house and learn how to make a sex toy for men. I heard there are some pretty cool fleshlight D.I.Y options available. Take a quick look and see for yourself.

Sex Toys for Women:

• Clitoral Stimulator
• Rabbit Vibrators
• G-Spot Vibrators
• Clitoral pumps
• Nipple pumps/clamps (vibrating or non)
• Butt Plugs (vibrating or non)
• Dildos (vibrating or non)

Statistics show that most women will purchase a vibrator over a dildo, but rest assured that there are about equal amounts of women using dildos as well. The purpose of women using dildos would be that they are happy with the look and feel of a lifelike dildo as it is similar to the real counterpart. Although some women prefer a high vibrational toy, women using dildos can also enjoy this feature as there are some pretty erotic dildos available through your local adult toy store.

Sex Toys for Couples too!

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As always, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Therefore if you have a sex toy your partner should too. While some toys expand foreplay options you can always add a vagina sex toy to the mix and act like you and your partner are engaging in a threesome.

Plus, your man will thank you for the experience!

There are some toys on the market that allow the male to extend or increase his penis size.

Some men may be conscious about a skinny penis. Even though having a skinny penis isn’t a bad thing they may have subconscious thoughts about it.

If you are a male and consider yourself to have a skinny penis, you can always invest in penile enhancers. These easy to use additives can help you take your skinny penis and enlarge it without pills or surgery.

Enhance your skinny penis with a penis sleeve or a cock ring to help with blow flow and enhance your size. You can find out other ways to increase size and stamina with a penis growth forum.

Sex Toys for Menopausal Women!

Yes they exist. Especially since her sex drive will still be in place. Doctors encourage women after menopausal state to have more sex and pleasure with vibrations. This point goes hand in hand with women using dildos comment.

The key reasons are that vibrations and sexual activity keep us healthy. Using a vibrator increases the blow flow through the entire body and gives off a relaxed and fixed glow about us. Doctors will recommend that women during and after menopause should try stimulation with a vibrator because the many benefits that are to be had. This is not limited to vibrators, dilators are also a great vaginal tool to help with vaginal muscles and exercise (Kegels).

Extra Erotic Play Toys!

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Now you might have seen this and maybe not. But there are a few toys on the market that are ultra-realistic and resemble very close to another human being. These items are a torso dildo. You read that right.

It’s a torso (replica of a real male model) that has been made into a human rubber doll (TPE). You can ride it, use it for practice or increase your sexual stamina with an ultra-real sex toy such as this, so even though they may be a bit more erotic, I would totally recommend this for you if you are into this sort of thing.

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