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Franny Arrieta was born on the 22nd March 1992 in Mexico City, Mexico to parents who had migrated there from Los Angeles. She grew up in the city and graduated from UNAM in 2013 with a degree in Communications. After leaving university, Franny decided she wanted to pursue her lifelong dream of being an actress. She signed up with a Mexican talent agency and began taking acting and singing lessons.

Franny Arrieta is a 21 year old professional gamer who currently plays Fortnite on PS4 as a member of the FaZe Clan team. He has a net worth of $30 million as of 2024.

Born in Santiago, Chile on August 3, 1991, Franny Arrieta has a huge social media fan base; she has more than 18.7 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She got her big break in 2009, when she started to upload videos of herself performing covers of well-known songs. Her videos received widespread praise from the online community, and she was convinced to create her own music. She was signed to her first record label, but she left the company three years later. She still performs, but she also runs a YouTube channel, which has more than 18.7 million subscribers.


Franny Arrieta, one of the most influential and famous actresses, is an internet celebrity who is currently getting a lot of attention on social media. She has her own YouTube channel where she posts makeup tutorials and other material.

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What is Franny Arrieta famous for?

  • American YouTuber and actress
  • For her makeup class.

Franny Arrieta: Age, biography, parents, family, siblings, childhood, ethnicity

Franny Arrieta was born Francesca Arrieta at 27. March 1997 in New Jersey, USA. His mother’s name is Angela and his father’s name is Frank Arrieta. She’s half Colombian and half Puerto Rican. Speaking of siblings: Franny is the only child of her parents. Franny is an American citizen, but her ethnicity is unknown.


She attended Bridgewater Raritan Exclusive College and graduated from the native non-public faculty.

Franny Arrieta: Professional acting career, stagehand

She created her YouTube channel on the 9th. July 2014 and uploaded her first Canopy video titled Franny and Ani – Acoustic Lure Queen Cowl (Niykee Heaton model). The 25th. In May 2017, she uploaded her first My On a regular basis makeup video showing off her regular makeup and got great views. His famous videos: Tagged boyfriend, roommates make the most painful face masks, Catherine Paiz’s Instagram recreation! The Lipstick Problem with Kian Lawley has already been viewed 1.2 million times. Caption: Franny Arrieta (Source: Pinterest) word-image-7469 Also, the most watched videos on his channel : Roommates trying the most painful face masks and My roommate doing my makeup #2, Trying a residential photo shoot, My simple midlife exercises, 10 questions I ask when I’m bored at home. And his videos: Try a Facetime photo shoot at home, My simple midlife workout, 10 things I do when I’m bored at home. These videos are the best to watch and relieve boredom during midlife.

Franny Arrieta: Net cost

His net worth is about $5 million, but his salary and earnings are not yet known.

Is Franny Arrieta married? Spouse, children, marriage

She’s dating one of the YouTubers named Kian Lawley. He has his own YouTube channel where he posts his funny videos, but there is no official confirmation of their relationship as she keeps her life mostly private. Caption: Franny Arrieta and her boyfriend (Source: StylesRant) word-image-7470

Franny Arrieta: Length, weight, colour of eyes

She is six feet tall and weighs 60 pounds.  His eyes are light brown and his hair is light. She has a slim body. The dimensions are 32-25-34 inches. Caption: Franny Arrieta (Source: Charge) word-image-7471

Is Franny Arrieta active on social media?

She has about 487,000 followers on Instagram, but her Twitter account is currently suspended.Franny Arrieta is an American actor, YouTuber, and former Vine star. He is most famous for his Vine videos, which garnered over 1.2 million followers. He is also a known social media personality, with over 1 million followers on his official Twitter account.. Read more about nezza age and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Franny Arrieta?

If you’ve been anywhere near YouTube recently, you’ve probably seen someone debating the height of YouTube star Franny Arrieta. The 5’7” YouTuber, who’s swooned over by millions of fans for her fast-talking, high-energy personality, has received some criticism over her height. So, how tall is Franny Arrieta? Franny Arrieta (born on July 15, 2002) is an American actor and comedian (known for The Next Step (2012), Franny’s World (2018), and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (2016)). He started acting in 2007, and has since appeared in several films and television series, including The Next Step (2012), Franny’s World (2018), and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn (2016).

Is Franny fit yet height?

Franny Arrieta is a famous American YouTube Star born on April 28, 2001. She is commonly known as Franny or Franny Fit. Her real name is Frances Arrieta. Her channel has 3 million subscribers as of this writing. She is best known for the videos such as “Will I Make It to 100? – Body Measurements”, “What’s My Body Shape? – Body Type Quiz” and “What’s My Body Shape? – Body Shape Quiz – FRANKIE”. Franny Arrieta, who was born Frances Arrieta on January 12, 1998 (age 20), is a famous American YouTube star, vlogger, and social media personality. She is the most famous YouTube star within the girl group “The Halcyon”. On her YouTube channel, she posted several video contents. Her channel has uploaded a number of video contents, including “Girl Group Members” (gaining more than 30 million views) and “What We Do On a Date” (gaining more than 5 million views).

How old is Franny from YouTube?

Franny Arrieta is the YouTube star who’s known for several of her channels, including frannypack, frannysays, and franydoesit, which has earned her north of 2.2 million subscribers, with another 350k on her vlogging channel, frannyandchill. She’s primarily known for her vlogs, though she’s also known for doing DIY crafts, trying on different outfits, and covering her favorite songs. She’s twenty-years-old. Franny Arrieta is a singer on YouTube. She mostly sings covers, but she has posted two of her songs that she wrote. She is a young woman. She turns 19 in November.

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