Getting Familiar With Different Dog Breeds


How would you describe the perfect friend? You would probably say, loving unconditionally, trustworthy person, fun and entertaining. This is the basic definition of a dog. Every dog owner could confirm that this is true.

Canines have been a person’s best friend for centuries. Long ago, people used to hunt with their dogs or put them in charge of keeping the herd safe. They are known to be loyal to their owner, making them a perfect member of the family.

However, it is difficult for many to decide which canine is the best one for their lifestyle and personality. The good news is, there is the perfect puppy out there waiting to be adopted by someone who will love it. Here’s a guide on how to raise a puppy from

1. Devoted companionship


Are you a cuddler that wants to have a companion all the time? If yes, a puppy is what you are looking for. They are the perfect pets to fill in the loneliness that the modern era has created. Social isolation is not something rare today, and that is a huge problem throughout the world.

It is scientifically proven that a dog owner is less lonely and freer for social interactions. Non-pet owners have been compared with the pet owner, and the results were not so surprising. Pet owners are usually less lonely than non-pet owners.

2. Reduce stress

The times that we live in are pretty prone to create stressful situations every day. Stress is a part of everyone’s life, and that is entirely normal. But knowing how to get rid of the stress at the end of the day is crucial for staying healthy.

Finding your safe and comfort zone where your mind can relax and enjoy after a long time, would help you reduce your stress levels. The perfect comfort and safe spot for many people have proven to be home with their pet.

Others prefer walks or jogging, but the important part is that they rely on their pet to make them feel better. This is not only a myth or something that few people feel, but it is scientifically proven. Having a pet can reduce tension in muscles, lower blood pressure, and thus help your heart work better and smoother. Check this link to continue reading.

3. Increasing your activity levels


If you are looking for motivation to start exercising or be more active, you have just found it. Puppies are just the right companion for jogging or walking in the park. They make this little exercise pass almost unnoticed. Studies have shown that when a person adopts a pet, he or she becomes instantaneously more active.

It is entirely reasonable to feel hard to find the motivation to exercise regularly. Many of us give up after one week of exercise or even less. Others exhaust themselves days before going to the beach and achieve results equal to zero.

Well, for the perfect body, you need to be constantly active. If you need this, then you should get a dog. They aren’t only helping you exercise when you walk or run, but also at home. They want to play with their owner, which keeps you on the move nonstop. You might be asking yourself which canine is the best for you?

4. Do some reading

The first thing you would want to do is to read a bit of canine. There are many different canines breeds, and they can either be the perfect or the worst choice for you. Learning about their habits, their genetics, as well as personality will help you decide best.

5. Location and space


A second important factor is where you live. Through time dogs have migrated from one place to the other, and they have been settling where they feel most comfortable. Like all the other animals, they, too, have a specific temperature tolerance.

If you live in a very hot place, you should read if the puppy you are about to buy can feel comfortable under those circumstances. Some of them have dense fur, which keeps them warm all the time. Putting a pet like this in a high-temperature environment could be torturing.

Also, think about your place. Is it a good place for a dog? Do you have enough space to add another family member? Keep in mind that they also need to have their personal space where they can rest and sleep. If you have a big yard, they can use it to spend the extra energy stored inside of them.

6. Sporty or lazy?

As you have probably sensed by now, not every canine has the same needs. Some dogs have been hunting for centuries. It is in their genes to be more active and demand open spaces to feel at home. Others are not that sporty and prefer a more casual lifestyle.

You have probably noticed that some dog owners can’t keep up with the pace of their pet, while others are constantly sitting and chilling in the shadows. What is it that you are looking for? Answering this question will guide you throughout the process, from adopting to loving it more than anyone. You can always find the perfect one on holistapet or others, so you can start indulging in a beautiful experience.

7. Personality


If you have children or you have friends or family frequently at your place, you would want a canine that is pet and child friendly. Not every puppy is affected the same way by crowds and unfamiliar faces. There are non-sociable breeds that aren’t comfortable with meeting so many people.