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There was another witness: Chloe’s own mother, Denise Richards. Though Denise might be best known for her roles in movies like The World Is Not Enough and Starship Troopers, she’s also no stranger to the courtroom. She was a witness in O.J. Simpson’s murder trial back in 1995. At the time, Denise was married to O.J.’s friend, and man who eventually killed him, Robert Kardashian. “I am here to tell you what a great father O.J. was,” Denise said. “I would have never married him if he had not been a great father.”

SpoilerThe Young and the Restless shows Victor Newman (Eric Braden) threatening to kidnap Chelsea Lawson’s (Melissa Claire Egan) son. In his opinion, she was too far gone to retreat now. However, she may be fooled by Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson). She tries to bring Chelsea to her senses, but her own fear of losing everything may be the deciding factor.

SpoilerThe Young And The Restless – Victor Newman’s compulsion to guardianship

Y&R spoilers reveal that Victor is offering Chelsea a deal. Chelsea’s only fear is losing her son. Victor uses Connor Newman (Judah Mackie) to try and neutralize Chelsea. If she admits to poisoning Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), she won’t lose custody of Connor. The threat of police custody frightens the crook. Her son is the only thing she’s afraid of losing. She can handle jail and all the other consequences. The only thing that can kill her is losing custody of her infant son.

SpoilerY&R – Chloe Mitchell Council

While Victor and Chelsea are engaged in a heated discussion, Chloe doesn’t say a word. She just listens to everything they say. From the beginning, she was afraid of losing everything helping Chelsea. Although the schemer promises that Chloe won’t lose her children, she can’t guarantee that. Plus, Chloe knows Chelsea wants revenge on Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Chelsea doesn’t care what happens to Chloe if they get caught.

If she admits to helping Chelsea, she incriminates herself and could lose everything. So the situation is complicated, and by the time Chloe found out the whole truth, it was too deep.

Chloe warned Chelsea that this plan had gone too far, and that they needed to put an end to this charade. However, the schemer keeps saying that she has come too far to give up now. In Soap Opera Digest, Egan writes that Chloe is trying to talk to Chelsea. The key word, however, is try. It is conceivable that Chelsea would turn down Victor’s offer. The implication is that Chloe knows that now that Victor is hiding in the dark corners of the penthouse, it’s pretty much over. Chloe worries about what he already knows and what it means to her.

SpoilerThe Young And The Restless – Chelsea Lawson’s new fight

The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Chelsea is afraid of losing Connor. But the actress has hinted that Chelsea might call off the deal. That means Victor can make good on his threat to pull guard.

Victor is a very powerful man, but his latest threat is leading to another spiral for Chelsea.

The Young And The Restless – Spoiler: Victor stalks Chelsea and emerges from the shadows lurking in the penthouse #youngandrestless

– SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 2. May 2024

Y&R Spoiler – Proactive Protection

Maybe Chloe will realize that she needs to take proactive steps to protect herself. She can’t lose her kids to Chelsea’s revenge plan. Can Chloe decide that she needs to take drastic measures to protect herself? Will she approach Victor and offer him a deal? Is it possible Chloe will betray Chelsea at the custody hearing?

After hearing about Chelsea’s revenge plot, Ray’s poisoning and framing an innocent man, any judge would have doubted Connor’s safety. Chelsea’s biggest concern must have been becoming a mother to her son again. Instead, her son was pulled over so she could pretend to be paralyzed and almost end a cop’s life.

Since Chelsea doesn’t fully understand that Ray came so close to death, the judge will have to consider the damages caused by the attack. How did the attack affect Chelsea’s ability to care for her baby? The most important rule in child custody negotiations is that the protection of the child must come first. Even if there is a risk, however small, that the housing situation will adversely affect the child, that alone may be grounds for a judge to rule against Chelsea.

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