11 Best Hat Models in the World

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Hats are used for ages. Both men and women wear them and its primary function is to protect your head from the sun. However, throughout the years, it has become a fashion item. Whatever the reasons that gave rise to the use of the hat, this accessory today is essential for each person, and that despite the different models or styles each one looks good in a hat.

According to the regions or cultures, hats have adapted shapes, colors and designs. Many of them are world-famous, used in all corners of the planet. Now I am going to introduce you to 11 models of hats that you can surely adapt to your personal style.

1. The Tribaly (Short-Wing Hat)

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This in its beginning was conceived for men, because in its beginning it was that touch of seduction to the clothing of the gentlemen. But it must be recognized that nowadays women also use this accessory, giving them a touch of seriousness and mystery. The shape of this beautiful hat is very similar to its brother the fedora. Their wings are short of about 5cm or less. Its cup is slightly shaped like a drop of water. It has become a fashion item for SEO Experts to wear.

2. Pork pie – A classic Hat

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This hat refers to the famous pork pie of the typical food of England. Well, its glass has a flat shape that matches its short wings and with a minimum elevation of its glass. The materials in which we can find this hat is felt or straw. The fame of this hat began in the 15th and 16th centuries, in Italy. And so it was gaining fame in many countries, such as the USA, in the sixties young people attracted by gangster culture used it. It is perfect to wear it with a suit and look elegant.

3. Fedora Hat – The Most Famous

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There is no hat with greater fame than a fedora, of Italian origin, world famous, we all once wear a fedora on our head. It is an accessory to take with you during all seasons of the year. And it is perfect for hippie, boho chic or urban looks. You just have to play with your style and see that it looks great with what you wear. Whether to wear it with flight dresses, flared jeans or a matching skirt, this hat will look super good on you.

4. Pamela Glamor and Style Hat

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This hat is worn to a greater degree by women. Characterized by its round glass and its wide, wavy wings, the hat is famous because it overflows with glamor in its wearer. Summer is the ideal time for this hat. Can be worn with a bikini in the sea or the pool.

Or also use it in a formal event during the day. The hat may seem very exaggerated to some, that is why I recommend it for people with a lot of personality and willing to change their style and be risky. They come in different materials, natural straw is one of the most precious.

5. Cloche – The Romantic Hat

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A design from the last century, aimed at women. Its shape is like that of a bell, with short drooping wings and its rounded crown, you can find it made of felt. Especially used in the winter. This hat has a romantic and vintage feel to it. Perfect for old souls who love to feel like they were in the 20s or 30s. Used by young people today as there are also fresher and more relaxed versions of this hat to be worn with patterned dresses or flowery blouses. Always with that romantic touch.

6. Panama Hat – Elegant

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If we talk about elegant and fresh hats, we find the Panama hat, a hat that seduces anyone, made of natural toquilla straw, it is the perfect hat for an outdoor event where you can wear it comfortably. One fact about this hat is that, although it is known as Panama Hat, this hat is Ecuadorian, specifically from Montecristi. Here the weavers make this hat by hand. Being one of the most precious hats worldwide. It is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For more information on Panama hats visit >> EcuadorianHands

7. Akubra – The Artisan Hat

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Of Australian origin, this hat is very famous on the continent of Oceania. Its name “AKUBRA” comes from the meaning of “covering the head”. It became famous at the beginning of the 20th century. Many consider it similar to a fedora, but the Akubra is a much larger hat, perfect for expeditions or hiking. They can be made of materials like felt and rabbit hair. Handmade, it is a beautiful hat.

8. Boater Hat – Perfect Summer Hat

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It originated in the fourteenth century, it is an ideal garment for summer, classic style, preferably worn by women. Men also risk wearing this stylish hat. Especially in the summer when we see these hats. Its shape is an oval crown, with an accompanying striped ribbon. It is perfect for your vacation.

9. The Beret – Flat Hat

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This hat is worn by men. Used since the 16th century, initially made of wool, although today there are also cotton and tweed. At first it was a hat worn by the middle class, although later it became popular in all social strata. Its shape is rounded and with a delicately swollen crown. It is perfect for going outdoors and dressing semi formal. Ideal for sports such as tennis, hiking or golf.

10. Baseball Cap

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This is one of the most used accessories today, everyone uses hundreds of these caps every day, as they are very comfortable and help you protect yourself from the sun and go out discreetly. This cap emerged in the 19th century as a sports hat for a baseball team in Brooklyn. The hat is rounded with an elongated peak towards the front as protection, it is perfect to wear with light and sports clothing.

11. Bini – The Modest Hat

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This hat is a simple form of hat made of fabric, wool or cotton, ideal for the cold and to warm the head. It has no wings, and only its shape adapts to the shape of the head. With these hats you will not have to worry about them blowing off.