Top 6 Places For Camping in Germany


A lot of people in the world find camping a very adventurous activity, and the best way to organize their vacation. There are no limitations, and they can get to different beautiful places every day, and still have a great time. Germany is one of the most anticipated countries in the world because they are strong and powerful, their economy is pretty stable, the political system is generally acceptable for the citizens, and they have programs to accept foreigners for a seasonal job. But, it’s also a beautiful country to visit for vacation too, especially if you want camping adventures. And, as you can imagine, Germany is gorgeous – literally.

And if you don’t trust us, you can check on, and see what options they offer for the campers. Almost every region in Germany offers different types of campsites and mobile homes, in the woods, near the lakes, or near the North Sea.

You can use your RV to reach the wanted destination or bring your camping tent. Sometimes, there are tiny accommodations near, for those that don’t feel very comfortable to spend their days in the tent or RV, but still see the breathtaking nature around or join some adventure.

In this article, we will stick to the popular camping sites in Germany, and check why they are popular too:

1. Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle


It’s located in Bavaria, and the people compare it to the Black Forrest mountain places (Schwartzwald). It’s charming, and almost like a fairytale. This camp is great for adventurers who want to hike or ride a bike. It’s a part of a family business with a long tradition, and the current owners made it very attractive to the young campers. They provide free space for tents, you can also rent them there, and their restaurant is open for the guests to eat there because not everyone is comfortable with cooking in nature. This place was related to spirit hunting in the past, and before the pandemic, similar events were organized by the Nielsen brothers, who now run this site. The surrounding is pretty rural, so it’s a great experience for those who want to run away from the big cities.

2. Hüttenpalast


It’s located in Brandenburg and Berlin, and the idea is to offer an urban way of camping to the guests. It’s close to Brandenburg Gate, it’s near a river, it’s clean and unique. People love these facilities because they are vintage, colorful, vibrant, and modern. You may ask how vintage and modern can be combined? It’s easy. The overall appearance is pretty vintage, camps placed in a building, but the inside of every property is pretty modern and stylish. People there can share a huge living room, rent a bike, and all the property is covered with a free Wi-Fi connection.

3. Müllerwiese


This is a very charming place in Baden-Württemberg, on a way to Black Forest (Schwartzwald). These areas are full of legends about kings, alchemists, druids, nymphs, and other mythical creatures. This is a great and at the same time mysterious place on Earth because it has a mystic past, but today there is a property run by the Erhard family who passionately works on making it the most attractive campsite in Germany. It’s based in the village Enzklösterle, and people can come with their RVs, caravans, and tents. For those who don’t like that type of tourism, there are a few properties with apartments and cabins too.

4. Hirzberg Camping


Another interesting site based in Baden-Württemberg. It’s surrounded by wild nature, but it’s pleasant for every camper. The owner of this site offers breakfast for the tourists and campers, and they have an option to drink coffee every time they want, while they stay in the camp. It can be pretty crowded during the summer too. The toilets are well organized, and you have washing machines too, and even a library. You can rent a bike, or even bring your own, and enjoy the beautiful nature this place has.

5. Naturcamping Vulkaneifel


You can find this exceptional place in South West Germany, in Rhineland-Palatinate & Saarland. It’s near Germany’s volcano region known as Eifel or Rhineland-Pfalz. The tourists love the small lakes in the volcano craters. There is a place for tents, but the visitors can also rent apartments near. It’s suitable for families who want to take their pets on vacation too. Also, there is a canteen near the site, with local food, which is really delicious. It’s always listed as one of the coolest camping sites in Europe too.

6. Thorwaldblick


This is a great place that is located in Saxony, and you have plenty of things to explore there. For example, the nationalpark Sächsische Schweiz is right here, which means it’s shared with Switzerland too. Also, the Czech Republic border is really close. If you want to get to know the English name of the national park, it’s Saxony Switzerland, and the camping site named Thorwaldblick is here to accept all the tourists who want a unique experience and nature exploring. The village of Hinterhermsdorf is really close to those who prefer to rent an apartment. Just an hour of driving away it’s the town of Dresden, for those who want urban experience. The space for tents is very limited, but it’s open during the whole year.

Camping during a pandemic

Before you start your adventure, no matter where do you go, you must prepare and inform yourself about the potential restrictions. Some countries still let tourists in, if they have a negative coronavirus test, or they provide proof for vaccination. Germany is based in Europe, and the situation in Europe right now is very serious, and you may face some inconvenience if you arrive at the border, without being informed about the restrictions there. So, we recommend not to risk, and contact the property directly, so you can get all the information you need.

Even if you can’t travel, don’t lose your hopes. Soon it will available to travel again, and you can indeed put Germany on the list with places that you must visit.