5 Reasons Why Online Casino Malaysia is Trending & Popular

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Online gambling is a trending and popular topic in the whole world for more than a year. It was popular long before that, but in the recent 12-15 months it’s literally a hot topic, especially in places where it was taboo. The current state of online gambling is different in every country. Some of them have strong regulations and give the users plenty of options to legally make some money, while also, there are places that still consider it as an illegal activity.

In Malaysia, online casinos are nicely regulated, and the houses provide a lot of games to the players who are interested to test their luck. If you visit Enjoy11 you can immediately claim a bonus as a new member, as soon as you place your deposit. Then, you can choose to play different types of slots, poker, live casino, or even sports betting. Every game is followed by a nice description, that will help you decide what to play first. Most of the games are inspired by mythology or popular culture. And this is only one of the best trusted online casinos in Malaysia, that also has an option to be a mobile casino.

Online and mobile casinos aren’t something new on the global market, but almost every country in the world has different regulations about it. But, we can’t deny the fact that most of these services gained their popularity in the last 10-15 months, as you guess – it was the pandemic that somehow motivated the people to try new things. Malaysia wasn’t an exception, and their local online casinos won’t stop growing and attracting more loyal players.

Here are a few reasons why are they popular right now, and will be like that in the future:

1. They have a great offer of different online casino providers and games

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A casino with a limited number of games can’t be attractive. Maybe they are good for experienced gamblers who really know what they want and don’t want to experiment with other games. But, when attracting new active players, the big choice is what they want, especially if they are inexperienced, and trying to find themselves. Everyone wants to have a choice, and with Malaysian casinos, they indeed have it. This is maybe the most important feature every gambling service should embrace, so they can be sure the customers will choose them.

2. Their laws are relevant inside the country

Malaysian laws aren’t pretty strict if the casino is based inside the country. They also have a right to ban their existence if they want to, especially if they don’t follow the regulations. But, they can’t do anything if the citizens decide to gamble and the casino is based outside the country.

But, their laws allow the people to join an unlimited number of services, as long as they are 18 or above. There are around 50 licensed services that are allowed to the Malaysian players right now, and that number can also grow in the future if the people’s interest grows too.

3. Attractive bonuses and freebies

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Bonuses are the most attractive things when it comes to gambling. Every new player who joins the service receives a pack of the welcome bonus, which contains free spins, boosters, or virtual money they can use before they start spending the deposit. Sometimes, they provide a free welcome bonus, with no deposit needed, so the player can decide if they like the game or not, and move to the next one.

That means, every player gets a welcome bonus, but also daily and monthly bonuses and special offers to invest in more spins. If there weren’t these bonuses, the players wouldn’t be that attracted. Gambling means spending the money you have to win the money you want, and it’s not that easy as it sounds. That’s why most of the houses provide bonuses, so they can attract the customers, raise their hopes, and let them win something every now and then.

4. Plenty of options for payment

One of the best things casinos can provide is the payment method options. Many people struggle to receive their winnings because the house simply doesn’t support the payment method they prefer. But, Malaysian houses know that they have to be open to plenty of options. So, their players can choose to receive the winnings on your Visa or MasterCard, or you decide to use PayPal, Paysafe, or Skrill. They also offer local payment methods. Cashing out is also pretty fast. Malaysians also support receiving payments from foreign casinos, with small or no taxes for them.

5. Excellent customer support

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When a service has 24/7 customer support, you can be sure they are relevant and reliable, and ready to help all the users in need. That’s why Malaysians are so comfortable playing because they know there would be someone who will help resolve every potential problem they have. They can call them directly, write an email describing their problem, or even join a live chat room to get direct help.


Not every online casino in the world is made equally. If some rules apply to one house, they can be completely different for another. The player is the one who will decide which one is the best for them, depending on the offer, and also the conditions. Most of the things we mentioned in this article are relevant for almost all casinos around the world. Every country has different laws when it comes to online gambling, and you should stick to them when the service is registered there. When it comes to foreign gambling houses, they can either limit access or allow the players to join, following some specific rules.

But, no one can deny the fact that online casinos are now that big, so we can be sure they will work nicely for decades, earning money, and providing bigger jackpots. Every person should be careful with these activities. They demand spending money, and sometimes we can be pretty irresponsible and blinded by the chances to win bigger – which can lead to spending everything we have.