Jamie Reagan’s Revenge Impresses Fans

Spoiler Blue Bloodsteases that fans reacted positively to Jamie Reagan’s (Will Estes) attack by taking revenge on his attacker Eddie Yanko-Reagan (Vanessa Rae) in the latest episode of Blue Bloods titled Guardian Angels.

Blue Blood Spoilers is a villainous bully who preys on police officers, especially Eddie Janko-Reagan.

Blue Bloods viewers will remember the episode where a vicious bully named Tommy Simms (Ed Squires) used the police as a battering ram, including Eddie! She and her partner, agent Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten), witnessed Simms’ action, and Witten and another agent tried to fight back.

Eddie didn’t think the police should be involved in whipping a criminal, and she put a stop to it. As for Sims, he was arrested but did not stay behind bars for long and was soon released. Then he picked Eddie up when she left the police station to go home and got into her car.

Simms gave him a black eye and a busted lip, and the Reagan family was shocked when they saw what his face looked like that night at a family dinner! They began bickering with each other about the new bail laws, which were clearly ineffective at stopping criminals, and she told them to stop bickering. Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) apologizes to Eddie and explains that collateral damage, which sometimes occurs in police work, doesn’t usually show up at dinner! Jamie is understandably upset, and his older brother Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) tells him not to blame himself for not protecting Eddie when she left the station. Jamie disagrees, as he is not only Addie’s husband, but also her boss at work.

Blue Blood Spoilers – Tommy SimmsJamie Reagan’s Takeoff.

Danny reminded Jamie that he doesn’t behave like that, and Jamie asked Danny what he would do if it were his late wife Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson). Danny admitted that he would have thrown Simms off the roof in the past, but things have changed and the police can’t crack down on offenders. Danny reiterated that Jamie shouldn’t take Eddie’s defeat personally.

Later in Blue Bloods, Tommy showed up when Jamie and Eddie were together and Eddie just wanted to ignore the bully and turn around. However, Jamie told him that Tommy had been beaten, and he went to see Tommy and his friends. He told Tommy that the information he gave the police got him through all the checks.

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But then Jamie told a couple of little white liars, who he knew would betray Tommy’s associates in crime, that Tommy had betrayed the drug dealers among them, and predictably, they were not happy to hear it! When Eddie and Jamie left, Tommy’s so-called friends started hitting him! Blue Bloods fans spoke out on social media as they were happy with the way Jamie handled the situation.

One of them said on Instagram that Jamie was minding his own business, while another admitted that he had learned lessons from his big brother and said that Danny would definitely have found a way to outsmart the intruder without taking it out on himself. Another noted that Jamie was both a lawyer and a husband. With her promotion and their marriage no longer working together, it was a sweet and rare moment of mutual protection from each other for fans.

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