What Do You Do When You Can’t Finish Your Homework In Time?

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The struggle to learn and write homework is as old as school. Sometimes it turns into real torture, and there is general chaos in the house, the situation is electrified, books are thrown away, pens are bitten and torn to pieces. Children often play and forget about homework, and older ones – they often have more important work to do, to see friends, so it often happens that before leaving for school they realize that they did not even do the homework. And? Now what? You can always say “The dog bit my homework”, but we are not sure the teacher will believe you.

It is very important that at a young age we motivate the child to fulfill his obligations on time, ie to do the task immediately after school, and not to postpone it, because in time he will create very bad work habits.

The fact is that children do not become uninterested and lazy on their own. They learn it. Very often we can see that children want a better grade just to please their parents, not because they have certain ambition. Very often, parents take on all the responsibility for learning and school success, especially during primary school, so that the child cares less and less about the school, taught by experience – that this is not really his / her concern and that parents will react. Thus, children fail to adopt work habits and take care of the school – which usually comes with a charge when moving to high school.

Why is homework important?

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The concept of homework has existed for decades and is part of officially defined teaching methods. The meaning, effectiveness, impact on general development and academic success due to writing homework is rarely measured and researched, so generations and generations of parents and students simply accept it as something that must be.

Occasionally there are complaints that homework is too much, that it is sometimes too difficult for parents, let alone for a child, and that there is no evidence that it really improves a child’s school success which would reveal in what other ways homework writing benefits the child in the long run. Laptop for your child can be the best decision for helping him doing the homework faster. You can choose any laptop here under 600 for all his needs.

Homework is considered to teach children to manage time, and it also teaches them responsibility and independence. Yes, it can often be a cause of stress in the family. Overworked parents are stressed due to the fact that homework has to be done before the end of the day while everyone is already a bit tired and irritable because they feel responsible to write the homework and the homework question soon becomes one of the “problematic” topics for the whole family. However, we are sure of one thing – we all went to school at least once without doing our homework. Whether it was because you forgot, you didn’t know how to do it, or for any other reason, it doesn’t even matter, it matters what you can do to correct it.

A sincere apology

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If you are a responsible student who has fulfilled all his obligations on time so far, apologize to the teacher with the promise that you will bring homework tomorrow. Forget the excuses “I didn’t have time”, just accept responsibility.

If you didn’t do your homework because you didn’t know, then say so and ask the teacher to explain. Remember that you should never be ashamed if you haven’t figured something out, the job of a teacher is to teach you that, right?

Help with writing homework

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Ok, you don’t have much time left, and you have to complete the task because you know that this teacher does not accept any excuses. In addition, you apologized last week for being caught without homework. What now? HomeworkDoer is designed for such situations. Have you ever thought that it is possible for someone to do all the work for you? Whether it is writing any form of essay, for any age, it is good to know that there is a solution. Of course, nothing is free, and neither is this service. It is up to you to decide whether you would rather spend a dollar or afford criticism or even a bad grade. It is important to know that choice exists!

Why is homework important?

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We can often hear that schoolchildren have too many tasks, as well as that many parents do not see the point of believing that children in school should learn. Yes, it is taught in school, but the task helps the children to repeat and master the material done in school. In addition, the task improves the child’s memory and thinking. It also helps him develop positive skills in learning a habit that will serve him well in everyday life. To convince you that homework is given to children for a reason, we will also say the following:

  • teaches your child to work independently
  • teaches your child how to use materials from textbooks to supplies, as well as other sources of information such as computers / the Internet and the library
  • homework helps parents understand what a child is learning in school
  • it gives parents the opportunity to share knowledge with their children
  • it gives parents the opportunity to encourage enthusiasm in children

These are just some of the many reasons that point to the importance of the task.

Final thoughts

It is a common mistake of parents to give too much importance to schools. Children are asked on a daily basis what happened at school, but the answers they seek are solely focused on grades and achievement. And there is a lot more going on at school, friends, falling in love, relationships with teachers, interesting or boring classes… And there are games to play and events with peers outside of school. All this the children would be happy to tell if their parent listened to them with interest and without assessment.

If a parent is only interested in success, they think, “He doesn’t really care about me, he just wants to know what grades I got.” To maintain trust and a quality relationship with the child, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that they still have a life outside of school and grades.

Yes, it is important to fulfill your obligations on time, but even if you happen to not arrive or simply forget, that is fine. After all, sometimes give yourself a break and let others do it for you!